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Sunday 6 July 2014

VLOG: One day in Geneva♥Ep11日内瓦一日遊

It was last year december, when my sister visited me in Switzerland! If you watched my past videos, you probably already watched Ep1-Ep10 vlogs when my sister was in Switzerland. I was so lazy to edit the videos and I was in Hong Kong for 3 months! Well... I think it's time to edit them and share with you all and my family=) Hope you enjoy this video, next episode is about our trip to Milan! And today is Tiki bb's 6th birthday, I will prepare a cake, meat balls, cheese balls for her, also some presents for her! Wish her all the best and love her forever! I will make a vlog + blog for her birthday soon, stay tuned if you are interested=)


  1. Looks amazing, I always wanted to visit, xoxo.

  2. I m sure it wads a great expenrinece!
    Love visiting museums!!
    Thank you for this beautiful vlog and the pics!
    Enjoyed watching it!


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