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Wednesday 9 July 2014

VLOG: Tiki's 6th birthday♥一起陪Tiki過生日吧

I promised to Tiki, I will cross her birthday with her every year and I did! Time goes so fast, this is her 6th birthday that we cross together! I enjoy every moments I spend with her. She brings a lot of happy moments to us! I'm so glad to have her in my life! And I will love her forever! 
If you have a dog, you remember to treat your dog good. They are so faithful and they can love you to die! You will hardly find such a pure love like that from anyone/anything! The day you bring them home, it is forever, don't even think one second to throw them away! If you cannot do that, please do not feed them! Think clearly before buying a pet, especially dog!
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  1. congrats tiki
    last day to enter my hicustom $150 giveaway
    keep in touch

  2. Aw she is such a little cutie! Happy Birthday Tiki! I know exactly what you mean, my dog is like my child and I would be lost without him and I love to spoil him with treats and toys on his birthday, he'll be 3 in a couple of weeks :) xx

    1. Thank you=) Yes, tiki is like my little daughter!!! Wish your dog have a nice birthday then=)

  3. I loved.
    I loved this photos, this looks...
    You are very beautiful!!!


    Big Kiss ;*

  4. I enjoyed wtching this wonderful Birthday vlog.!
    I wish a Happy Bithday to your lovely princess!
    Tiki is so cute you both did to her a lovely Anniversary day!
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for watching & your lovely comment=) Tiki received;) See you soon!!!


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