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Saturday 5 July 2014

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 87♥ RENDEZ-VOUS

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 87♥ RENDEZ-VOUS
Recently, I fell in love with shiny and hydrating lipsticks! I found out this kind of lipsticks, good for dry lips with skin that occasionally peeling off.  They give you a hydrating, clean and healthy lip look! You can apply directly without any lip balm/ lip care products. I always used some creamy/ pigmented lipsticks, but since my lips are always too dry, after applying this kind of lipstick, they look so "dirty". Some lipsticks suck on the peeled off lip skin (hope you understand what I mean=), so your dry lip does just look obviously drier! I discovered most of the shiny & hydrating lipsticks don't show up the colour on your lip, which means you apply them like a lip balm, they just give you a shiny lip look, with little colour, even your nature lip colour can cover it. On the other hand, the lipsticks in the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine collection show up the colour on your lip like a pigmented lipstick, and also give you a hydrating shiny lip look! No need to apply any lip balm before or lip gloss after! It works like a 3 in 1 lip product! But I admit it is a bit pricy, I always prefer the high brand lip products to the drug store lip products, I do use drug store brand makeup products and nail polish too but for the lip I prefer high brand, because I feel safer especially I always need to put lipstick on, otherwise I look sick, and I really "eat" my lip products right away after I just put them on (I definitely know they are not good for health, but it seems like a natural reaction), so I really need to buy high brand lip products! 
I highly recommend to all of you who have really dry lip and always love to put lipstick on!
VLOG: One day in Geneva♥日内瓦一日遊 is coming on this Sunday! Stay tuned=)


  1. i hate it when lipsticks stick to my dry lip skin... the color of this lipstick is lovely
    happy weekend

  2. I love this shade of lipstick!
    and you re so pretty on tthese picks!


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