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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Dear Haters♥

Dear Dutch Haters:
Thank you so much for spending your time to discuss about me! I really appreciate your comments, I know people are different, and I don't expect everyone to like me.
So I know there must be some haters in the world;)
I wanna say, I'm a member of stylehaul, and I just post a video post on our member private facebook page to share with other members as everyone does! If you don't like my video or channel, just stay away, no need to use"shit" to describe something or someone, it's so rude and impolite;( If you think I'm ugly, then leave a comment "ugly girl"! I never thought or said I'm pretty girl, I always said to everyone that my look is mainly about makeup, color lenses, camera and shooting angles;)
Also, for my daily makeup, I didn't want to create a Barbie/ doll or Manga look. I wear color lenses and wear fake eyelashes, like other girls. Unfortunately, when I wear those things on my eyes, it makes you guys feel I’m pretending to be a Barbie or manga!!! Sorry but that’s totally untrue!
And yes, my bottom eyelashes are super tiny!! You are right, I put 4 times mascara and 2 times primer, my bottom lashes are still super tiny! I know that Thank you for your attention, counting how many times I put my mascara on!!
In case you don't know, I'm 25 years old and I like Hello Kitty;) What you saw in the video, the Hello Kitty tissue holder in the background. It's my 25th birthday present from my lovely sister!!! So it is not old and stupid Hello Kitty stuff! What's wrong if someone loves Hello Kitty?
For my Tiki bb, thank you for your concern but she is not poor!! I'm sure!!! We all love her so much!! What I love to do for my dog’s birthday is my business and not yours. Yes, her hair is long but no need to use "beast" to describe her!
Anyway, I accept any comments but please be polite and respectful! And welcome to leave any comment on my blog, youtube channel, Instagram, facebook and twitter!!;)


  1. Aw you're beautiful and Tiki is so adorable!
    Whoever those haters are, they have too much time on their hands! It's quite comedic that they're taking so much dedication and time out of their life to talk bad about you when you never did anything to harm them ><

    You definitely don't deserve this random hate u_u
    I mean lmao you could be 30 and still adore Hello Kitty! Such trivial things to be angry about~

    Keep doing your thing Angel <3 Looking forward to more posts from you in the future!

    1. I understand they have nothing to do in their life, so I was so thankful that they discus about me lol;) Thank you so much for your supportive comment;)

  2. One word: jealousy.

    Ppl who talk shit about others are usually the ones who are the most insecure about themselves. You are someone super pretty and they've noticed that. They have the need to bash someone down to make themselves feel better. And it's real easy to do it in the Internet. Which is really sad. Cyberbullying is so easy!

    And how do you know if they're jelly? Well, if they had something real & constructive to say to you, they would come and say/write it to you directly. Unfortunately ppl are mean and that's the way it's always gonna be. Haters keep on hating. There's always gonna be haters. So it's best to learn to ignore them, smile and keep on doing what you do :)

    1. I totally agree and understand what you say, they didn't affect me and never be! Don't worry, actually I was quite happy that they spent their time to discuss about me lol;)
      Anyway, thank you so much for your comment;)

  3. you are really beautiful - don´t let other people bring you down!

    i really like your blog :-)
    maybe you wanna follow each other?

    just let me know on my blog -> NICOVABEAUTY

    lots of love

    1. Thank you;) They never bring me down!! Don't worry;) Sure!!

  4. Ignore the haters, they don't deserve a moment of your time!
    Despite the haters I'm loving your blog and now following you on BL (:
    Fashion Ganache.

    1. I won't ignore them, because they don't affect me;) I was quite happy that they spent their time to discuss about me lol;)
      Thank you so much for your support!!

  5. Whut are they serious. You are super pretty!
    Can never understand people that say stupid things about other and like to put someone down..

    1. Ofcourse, we never understand them, we are different, because people are different:) Don't worry! They didn't bring me down!!

  6. Oh honey, just ignore or flag them. They are not worth your time. I think you are a beautiful girl and I really appreciate what you are doing. xoxo

    1. haha…i won't ignore them because they don't affect me;) Thank you dear;) I really appreciate your support too!!!*3^

  7. don't mind those haters dear! <3 you're pretty :)

    .never settle for less.

  8. thats so rude! just keep your head up :)

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  9. Thank you for your support dear;)

  10. Ignore the haters, they've got nothing better to do with their time!

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. haha…maybe;) thank you for your comment!!

  11. Thanks for the comment and following dear! I am following you back, of course!




  12. you are a very clever girl.with high EQ! No wonder married at 22 to a beautiful country with a handsome husband!


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