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Monday 15 May 2017

What did I do on Saturday?

As I said I have not much to blog these days, I may write what I did this Saturday, so here we are! We went to the city to return my Zara clothing for which I mentioned the reasons on my video(here!). And I saw many nice clothes in Zara store but I didn't shop as my husband was here waiting for me. After returning the clothes, we went to another men clothing store to buy his pants. Around 15 mins of trying, he got his pants. Actually, we didn't do much, and we were hungry as we didn't eat lunch until 4p.m. Then, we went to Globus - a kind of pricy supermarket to get our lunch. Because I wanted something hot rather than a cold sandwich, I chose a shrimp and chicken with rice. After paying, the staff helped us to heat it up and I also got an egg tart for dessert but it's way too sweet for me and after one bite, I gave it to my husband! XD We shared the lunch box together in the car as we didn't want to eat too much since it was dinner time soon. Then, we drove to my parents-in-law home and stayed there during the weekend like usual. Oh! We saw a super cute bears sofa on the way to the parking but it was in the expensive furniture store, so we guessed it must be very expensive and didn't go in and check the price. If it costs under CHF 500, I will get it but seems it's impossible!
Photos of that day 
↓  ↓  

CHF 14.9 ~HKD 116 =.="
CHF 2.9 ~HKD 23 =.="

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  1. I just loved her footwear and I really enjoyed her routine of Saturday. Keep sharing more stuff with us. I really enjoyed your post.


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