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Sunday 5 May 2013

Review: Chanel Jumbo♥

Hi everyone,

This post is all about Authentic Chanel Classic Flap in jumbo size. I will try to write as most details as I can.haha, don't expect too much. This is not a bragging post nor a showing off, I just want to help people who wanna get their first Chanel classic bag and don't know how to choose the right one for themselves.

Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag

General Information

Style code: A28600

Size: 12" x 8" x 3"

Discontinue the Chanel Single Jumbo Flap
Chanel Jumbo Flap used to have a single flap. I love the single flap, but Chanel decided to discontinue and change it to double flap. The single flap is much lighter than the double flap. Also, the single is much more roomy, I can put my ipad in my single but not in the double one.

I own two different Jumbo types: one is single flap and the other one double flap. Also, they are in different colors and different types of leather. My personal favourite is my Chanel jumbo in beige caviar leather in gold hardware. I remember when I was young like 18years old, I always wondered why will people pick the caviar leather. If one day I get mine, I will choose the lambskin one. Of course, I chose the lambskin in my first chanel, it is the Chanel vintage second handbag. After that, I told to myself, maybe next time I can get the caviar one lol.

So, what is the difference between Lambskin and Caviar. Picking the right Chanel handbag depends on the color, hardware and the most important thing is the leather, lambskin or caviar? Each of them have some advantages and I am going to discuss them below.

Lambskin: Chanel lambskin is a very soft leather. When you touch the Chanel bag, it feel very smooth and delightful. It feels like much more luxury than caviar.
But the lambskin is very fragile. A lot of girls have experienced this after choosing lambskin leather, in just a few days you will end up with scratches and corners will start wearing off. But this really depends on how careful you are with your Chanel bag. For me, I really try to be extra careful with my lambskin one, so far it is still looks new without any scratches on it.

Caviar: Caviar is a much more durable leather. You won’t get as much damage as for the lambskin. Caviar is much harder, it is not easy to scratch it.
On the other hand, caviar does not give you that luxury feeling provided by the lambskin one. And my personal choice is caviar leather.

My suggestion:
If you decide to wear your Chanel bag very often, then lambskin is not a good choice for you. You will be upset if your lambskin bag gets "hurt" or you need to take care of it all the time. So I think caviar should be the right choice for you.

Here are my two Chanel Jumbo.
Front Photo:

Back Photo:

Side Photo:

Let start with the single flap first. My single flap is caviar leather beige in gold hardware. I bought it in 10/2010.
This Chanel Jumbo Single Flap is my favourite bag  in my handbag collection. I use this bag all the time, I don't need to worry it, I always bring it with me when I go to travel. One thing that disturbs me is the color transfer, if I wear black or dark color clothes that day, behind my bag-the behind pocket area is all black, but most of the color can easily be cleaned by water or leather cream.

This is my Black Chanel jumbo double flap lambskin in gold hardware. I bought it in 11/2011. Before, I wanted to sell this bag because I didn't use much and I wanted to get a maxi caviar in sliver hardware. But my husband said I will regret if I sell it. So I changed my mind and decided not to sell it anymore. Hopefully, I didn't sell this bag, I love this bag now and started to use it more often. However, I still prefer the caviar leather version.

As you see, there is one more cover in the double flap, there is also a zip appartment. Be careful, for the authentic Chanel Jumbo double flap, the zip is made of a little piece of leather. Most of the fake bags are using a CC logo for the zip.

Also, there is an other appartment in which Coco Chanel used for storing her love letters. Unfortunately, I didn't receive any love letter so I never had to use this part of my bag.

When you open the cover, you can see the gogerous signature on a dark red color background inside with the big CC logo and CHANEL MADE IN FRANCE on it. There is an other appartment outside the bag.

For the authenticity, with all Chanel bags and wallets are included a authenticity card and the corresponding matching number label on the bags or wallets.
But nowadays, a lot of fake Chanel bags also have a card that is included with. So how to identify? I'm sure if you search in google or youtube, many websites will teach you how.
But I strongly recommend you to buy your Chanel bag in Chanel store accompanied with a full package set and the receipt. It is much safer and you do not need to worry whether your Chanel bag is fake or not.
Of course, for some other reasons, you would like to purchase your Chanel bag in ebay or other online store, you can but you have to be careful. Ask the shop to send you the authenticity card and the label photos. Choose some buyers or shops that have a return policy. Also, Chanel Classic Bags are only produced in two countries, France and Italy. So if you bag it is written MADE IN USA or SPAIN, this bag has to be a fake one, but some Chanel wallets are MADE IN SPAIN, but not for the Chanel Classic bags, maybe in the future.
I'm not a Chanel bag expert, but I did a lot of research when I got my Chanel bag, I visited a lot of websites, also I own them, so I can quite easily spot which one is fake. If you need help, feel free to ask me.
Hope this post is helpful for some new Chanel fans. If you are a Chanel expert and I said something wrong, please do not hesitate to correct me.
Also, your are welcome to share your Chanel bag with me, in Youtube or in Blog, link to me.
Have a nice day


  1. With any chanel bag I have I treat it as if its my own child ;-; love the post!

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  2. This was a really helpful post with lots of good advice. I hope to one day (EVENTUALLY!) own a Chanel bag and I was always so sure it'd be lambskin or nothing but this has definitely opened my eyes a bit. Great post, and totally jealous of your gorgeous bags!!

    1. Happy that you like my post and it's helpful for you!!!;) Thank you for your lovely comment!!!!! Wish you get your Chanel soon and share with me;)

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  15. Hi...noted the cc logo on the second flap is flat whereas the chanel website is raised. There were others who said the authentic CC logo on second glsp is raisrd.

    Can I know whether this is true? Thanks in advance

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