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Sunday 28 February 2016


14.09.2015 (MON)
Day 10 Iceland, 2 days left in this trip. That day morning, we had a breakfast buffet provided but not much choice and not really good as well but better than no breakfast! haha. After the breakfast, we went to the place where one that can drink natural mineral sparking water, seeing seals, famous black church, canyon, glacier and we even met a guy who was in trouble with his car, we helped him, also we went to the secret natural hot spring! If you are interested, please keep reading!=)
We didn't pay ISK 200 for that because we used the card all the time, never seen or used Icelandic money in this trip!

We just tried a bit because it strongly tasted metal but with gas/air/ bubbled in.
I'm not sure you can drink a whole bottle without feeling bad or sick.
Then, we went to Ytri-Tunga to see seals, the local girl in the hotel told us there is 75% chance to see seals!
That true! We saw one right away when we arrived. But it was really far away, I used the Olympus  pen 7 with M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 R len to take photos of them. It was the only time that I thought lenses are useful!!
We saw another one! It was sleeping but we didn't notice that before until looking back at the photos and the videos on my computer. We feel so sorry that we kept bothering it at that time.
You can see how sleepy it is.
Yes, it was looking at me!
So sleepy!! It kept yawning
My husband was taking selfie with the seal.
He got so close with the seal.
I think it was my closest one.
It was hard to get closer and walk because of these, it was so slippery to walk on it. And you don't if there is water or stones under, one needs to be careful.
I got a bit closer.
This one looks so cute and innocent.
He really felt bothered and wanted to go far away from us.
But it was not easy for it to just jump in the water, it needed to move its body so many times before going into the water.
We also left when the seal left and swam really far away from the coast. We discovered these strange black sand patterns on the beach. I wonde what they are.
A random bird.
Budir Black Church- Famous church in 1703.
Many couples get married here.
Love forever
It's hard not see any sheep in Iceland.
I was taking selfie with my husband, can you see him? XD
Walking back to the car.
We were driving up to the Snaefellsjokull. (The white part of the map)
We saw a car got stuck in the ice. And we spent around 25 mins to help him out. Then we decided not  to cross this icy part and go back even though our car was a 4 wheel drive.
Not much we can see.
Cold and windy!
Driving down.
I forgot if this photo was taken on purpose or randomly.
Look at this mountain! So many holes.
Bakery shop in Olafsvik.
Total cost include hot chocolate and coffee: ISK 1730 ~HKD 104 ~USD 13.4
Lionsklubbur Olafsvikur
On the opposite side, there is a black sand beach, he was searching the shells as we like to collect them!=)
The secret natural hot spring spot!
This was an amazing experience as there is not much people know and we felt like we were in another world, so pure, quiet, natural.
Walking back to the car.
The red house and this sign logo are the hint to reach this secret natural hot spring.
(Details in my vlog)
Cloudy day!
We went to the same restaurant as the day before, because the hotel restaurant is not that good.
Hafnargata2, 340 Stykkisholmur
Total cost: ISK 9220 ~HKD 556 ~USD 71.5
Want to see more, check out the vlog!
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