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Tuesday 1 March 2016

Let's choose my 28th b-day gift!

Hi girls, 
My 28th birthday is soon and I will be in Hong Kong on my birthday. I actually already got my birthday gift-Vintage ladydior mini (check out here). But I wanted something small to unbox on that day! (what an excuse?=.=) So I thought it would be good to save some extra money so that I can get something in Switzerland and make the tax refund at the airport. And also Chanel in Switzerland is a bit cheaper than in Hong Kong. Second reason that I need to go to Geneva is I need to buy Laduree Macarons for my sisters. I know I can get it in Hong Kong but it is cheaper here and it feels different to bring it from Switzerland!lol... Anyway, so my husband was so nice to drive me to Geneva this morning. So we went to the Chanel store and I did snap some photos with my phone. I think you may be interested to see and guess what did I get for my birthday.
Let's go!

I really want this mint green coin purse but they didn't have it!
Or this pink small wallet but I think this is a bit pricy and they also didn't have it!
Chanel Mini flaps but they are not really nice! Anyway it is not my plan to get a mini! Out of my budget!
New card holder (The black one)
Chanel Boy Bags
They are so nice!
Chanel Classic Medium and WOC
Then, we went to eat lunch with my husband's workmates in a Japanese restaurant.
What I ordered but we shared our meals.
What my husband ordered. 
These Green Tea Mochi are so yummy♥ Recommend!!!
Tiki was such a good girl and calmly waited us to finish. At the end of the meal, she needed me to hug her when she saw I was cleaning my mouth with the tissue, for her this means that the meal is finish.
Back to the apartment! Like usual I took some photos!=D But I won't unbox it until my birthday. You can guess what I got! And I picked 12 different tastes of the macarons!
After that, I needed to go to post office to post all the orders before leaving to Hong Kong! And I walked with Tiki outside a bit too! She saw a cat! I filmed a few of her funny moments today. I may make a short video with a little clip in Chanel on my Youtube channel or on my Instagram. Stay tuned if you're interested!=)

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