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Thursday 4 October 2018

Shiseido Makeup Look💄

之前去了Shiseido Beauty Reimagined 無重色感彩妝體驗館,已經率先體驗全新四種無重質感彩妝產品!😌 特別喜歡Visionairy Gel Lipstick💄😍 包裝設計靈感取自日美藝元素,簡單輕巧!唇膏著色鮮明,質感非常幼滑,新產品將護膚科研理念融入化妝,做到化妝同時護膚的效果!👍🏻 特別適合嘴唇👄成日乾燥脫皮的我!💋💕

VisionAiry Gel Lipstick #218 Volcanic
InnerGlow CheekPowder #02 Twilight Hour
Essentialist Eye Palette #06 Hanatsubaki Street Nightlife 
Aura Dew #03 Cosmic
ArchLiner lnk #01 Shibui Black
ImperialLash Mascaralnk #01 Sumi Black

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  1. Hi Angel, i enjoyed watching your blog especially the make up one. Can you tell us how you take care of your skin in the harsh dry winter weather, water in europe can be harsh also, too much calcium.. What products and skin care, cleanser,lotion, etc do you use? I realise you kept your make up on overnight especciallu when you flew back to hk recently, yet your skin look so great.. whats your secret ����? Thanks for sharing


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