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Wednesday 26 September 2018

A Better FloristšŸŒø

Gorgeous Flower and Pretty Fresh Bouquets from A Better Florist
I am quite the enthusiast when it comes to gorgeous flower, and pretty fresh bouquets in our home. The smell, the feel, the look - everything about blooms makes me feel more inspired and motivated, simply happier. That’s why I make it a thing to order new flower every bouquet, and to gift the gift of flowers to all my loved ones. I have never so far seen anyone who hasn’t smiled at the bouquet I brought them, and I have A Better Florist to thank for that.
This florist is the only florist in Hong Kong that I feel confident ordering from over and over again. They are also the only ones that create modern, chic flowers, and not outdated floral arrangements that make me feel depressed instead of happy. I love purchasing the bundles as birthday gifts for my friends, but I also love their floral arrangements for my home. Their grand opening flower stands are gorgeous and I wish I had a chance and occasion to use them, but if you do have a grand opening in plan, you should check out their flowers.
Sometimes, I go through their gift options as well, because you can’t always shop up with just flowers. I love to treat my loved ones during the holidays, with a fruit basket, or a hamper filled with goodies they are going to enjoy and remember. I purchased a baby shower hamper as well as a get well soon hamper for my friend in recovery, and I was amazed at how beautiful it was put together.

The best flowers, the best fruit baskets, everything you want you can order online. This is an online central florist, which is another reason I love A Better Florist as a Hong Kong flower delivery. They have a website that contains all that they offer, so you can use your phone or computer to purchase what you want. I usually love to sit down with a cup of coffee and my computer, to scroll through their website, but if you’re busy, you’ll love to be able to jump on your phone and order. It’s super simple and easy, and what’s more important, it’s fast.
And finally, I love their delivery. They are faster than any other florist I have tried out in my life, because nobody else offers a same day flower delivery. A Better Florist does, and if you order before 3 pm, you get a free delivery! I always take that offer! Now, you can also get an express flower delivery, but that’s mostly for emergencies, for example, if you need flowers delivered within an hour.

You can also find A Better Florist in Dubai, as well as their flower shop Penang in Malaysia. But, the bottom line is, whether it’s their HK flower delivery or their florist in Bangkok, you are going to adore A Better Florist.

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