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Friday 5 January 2018


Let's unbox it together!!!
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Burberry Checked Scarf (here!)
What you got for Christmas this year? I got a burberry scarf from my husband, actually this year I ordered all the Christmas gifts (for my husband, my mother and parents in law) online by myself, because my husband was busy on his work. I quite enjoyed doing that, felt a bit like Santa Claus preparing all the gifts. You will see what I got for them in my vlogmas videos soon. You may think then I didn't feel surprise as I already knew what I got from him, yes, sometimes no surprise is better, especially when it comes to gifts XD" We are together 10 years, we prefer to get something that we really like rather than a surprise! I always wanted to get a burberry scarf but they are quite pricy, this year I decided to get one for Christmas as a gift to treat myself! Actually, my best gift is that my daughter and my mother are here with me!♥

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