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Saturday 16 December 2017

My Maternity Photoshoot♥

I love taking pictures to record every special moments, especially when it comes to having a maternity photoshoot during the pregnancy. I took this photoshoot at 32 weeks pregnancy. I prepared this photoshoot for a while as here it is not as popular as in Hong Kong, where there are many studios and companies that offer a complete maternity photoshoot package, including makeup, hairstyle, clothing, accessories, etc... I bought all the clothing and accessories by myself, actually the place that I booked, also included some clothing but not so many choices and I prefer wearing my own clothes, especially since I like white dresses for my maternity photoshoot as you can see! XD" Also, I need to makeup and style my hair before the shooting since I just hired a photographer to help us shoot the photos. I had to do other things by myself. Of course, I could hire a makeup artist and hairstylist to help me, but this would have been to expensive. The photoshoot was a little in a hurry as I needed to change 4 dresses in an hour and I didn't even have time to touch up my makeup, change other hairstyle or other jewelries, I planned to vlog but I didn't even have time to take a selfie, and luckily I brought a little makeup mirror with me, otherwise I couldn't even look at myself to put the hair accessories on as there is no mirror in the room, but we ended up spending more than an hour for the  shooting, the photographer was so kind and didn't charge us an extra fee for that! Actually, I was quite worried about the final result because it was too hurry, but it came out fine, I like the photos♥ If I could take some outdoor pictures, it would have been perfect, but really no time and too cold outside. I booked a package which included the new born shooting for my baby, so after my baby born, we will go there again! I think the photographer shoot babies really nicely and there are more decoration, background and accessories for baby shooting. Looking forward for that! More detailed informations about the photographer can be found at the end of this post! After the photoshoot, I felt so released, like a big mission was accomplished, the next one will be the baby shower party♥
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Photographer: Anastel Photography

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  1. Although the Christmas time is over I am still catching over all the vlogmas posted this year and after seeing your video I would add it to the list.


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