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Thursday 30 November 2017

Winter is here♥

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Winter is not my favourite season but I love this year winter because it means I will see my baby come to the world very soon. Feel so excited but nervous, look forward but also worry, my feelings are so complicated! Especially for me, I will give birth in a foreign country, language and culture are totally different, feels so helpless and I also worry the communication during the delivery! But hopefully my mother will come to Switzerland soon and accompany and take care me, make me feel more secure and safe! And since my sisters born, I couldn't be with my mother exclusively, already 26 years, I haven't been with my mother alone without my sisters!! This time, my mother is only mine!! XD" I will enjoy these 2 months with her but also sorry that I can't bring her travel around as I'm pregnant and after give birth need to stay at home to be under post-natal care that lasts for a month. I just can say mamas love their children best, no one else in the world can do that. Love you, Mom♥

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