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Thursday 2 November 2017

Dusty Pink Dress♥

Ribbed Dress (here!-Black) | Cardigan (Similar here!) | Shoes (here!) | Bag (Similar here!) | Bag Charm (here!) | Earrings (Similar here!)

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This outfit look was taken at 26 weeks 2 days, I can feel my little baby move in my belly, actually I started feeling the movements really early, maybe around 15-16 weeks, but they were really tiny jumps, so I wasn't so sure whether it was my stomach or my baby moved. XD" Feel so special and amazing!♥
I understand more why usually babies are more close with mama than baba, because every baby and mama are that close together, the baby is actually growing in mama body, how close and how amazing! Even though, I'm so afraid of the pain during the birth delivery but I'm glad that I'm the one who is carrying our baby, not my husband! (I know this is impossible XD") It's my pleasure that I can feel the baby movement that my husband can't!


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  1. You are looking gorgeous in that dress and stunningly cute too. The speciality of the dress lies in the simplicity and the good color of the dress as well.


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