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Friday 17 November 2017

Camel Coat♥

Camel Coat (here!) | Pink Sweater (here!) | Black Leggings (here!) | Shoes (here!) | Bag (here!) | Bag Charm (here!) | Earrings (Similar here!)

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This outfit was taken at 30 weeks 2 days, the baby moves much more and stronger, especially after I ate some sweet things, at night around midnight to 1a.m. Sometimes, the baby moves make me feel painful, but most of the time they are fine and feel amazing, but every time when I hold the phone and want to film the baby's movements, it seems she knows I'm filming and don't let me film her, so still now I don't really have one big and long movement video clip, like you can see from the stomach, it creates some waves and feels like a fish inside turning around!! I only filmed some clips like small and short movements. My little baby, I will continue try to record your movements until I'm satisfied! XD"

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