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Friday 27 October 2017

NEW IN: Ladydior Mini & Chanel Earrings♥ Mod Shots

Ladydior Mini Bag | Dior Silk Twill | Chanel Earrings | Lindiess Bag Charm*
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Hi guys,
If you watched my Shopping Haul in Rome video on my Youtube channel, you may already know I got these beauties in Rome! They were on my wish list for a really long time, if you follow me, you may know! I finally added them to my collection♥ I know some people will say what about "the one year no new handbag" promise between my husband and I, actually I could wait to get this bag in December, but because I can get the tax refund by getting it in Italy where its much cheaper than in Switzerland, I got it 3 months earlier to save up some money! My promise still holds as I won't get a bag in December! And it's more meaningful to get it in Rome as I considered this trip as a baby moon trip, so that I should get something to remember this special moment. *Excuse again*XD"
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I saw these Chanel earrings already 4 times, the first 3 times I didn't get them as I really couldn't justify the price. They are the most expensive Chanel earrings that I have. But I told myself or even wrote a blogpost that if I saw them again in the store, I must get them! XD" So when I went to the Chanel store in Rome, I was just looking for these earrings and they were in stock! I got them immediately without thinking!!!
For the Ladydior mini, I wanted to get it in blank, lambskin with sliver hardware at the beginning, like 2 years ago, but I ended up changing my mind for this combination before the trip! Because I have a Chanel WOC with this combo, which is also black, patent leather with sliver hardware, I found that this bag is really durable and it is the one I used the most. I bring it with me at every trip. Hence, I thought I should get the same combination for my new ladydior mini bag, I don't need to worry or take care when I use it. And the size of this bag is perfect for daily use and travelling as I used it right away in Rome after I got it! And I also got a pink Dior silk twill for the handle, actually it's just for decoration. Since its black patent leather, I don't need to protect the handle as it won't get dirty or colored.
One of my viewer requested some modelling shots with the ladydior mini, here they are! These pictures were taken during the trip, so the bag may not be well visible. I will have some outfit blogposts with this ladydior mini soon, stay tuned!♥
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  1. It was a nice trip with nice and expensive Chanel earrings :). I am working as Tucson tax preparation so I don't know how long I can buy this earring. BTW, thanks for sharing with us and I hope you will have more trips in future and posting more fantastic pictures like this. Finally, you look beautiful at all :)

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