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Saturday 7 October 2017

DAY 12 ICELAND: Last Day in Iceland♥

Excuse me!! Iceland vlog again!! XD" Let me complete my Iceland vlog and this is the last one!! Yeah!!! Finally finished it!! I don't know why it took me 2 years to finish the whole Iceland vlog, there were probably too many pictures to choose from for the blog, this time it's much easier because we didn't take much pictures on the last day in Iceland! Anyway, we enjoyed so much our trip, but I know there are many things to discover that we didn't see, looking forward to go there again! I'm the type of person who really like city travel because I love shopping, but Iceland is a beautiful natural destination, you can experience something different that shopping cannot give you, relaxing and adventurous moments. You can feel the power of the nature, which is amazing! Natural hot spring, aurora, lava, glacier, black sand beach, crashed plane, water falls, canyons, sea lions & whales, etc!! 
The last day in Iceland, we didn't do much as we had the plane in the afternoon. We woke up early morning to have a breakfast in the city and I got the knit jacket/ long cardigan in the shop. Then, we drove to the Blue Lagoon to have a hot spring to release a bit the tiredness accumulate during the whole trip! Most of the travellers will go there at the beginning of the trip because it is really near the airport and the city. After that, we returned the rental car and went to the airport earlier to make the tax refund things and had a late lunch there. I took a lot of pictures and videos of the view from the plane during the flight because they were amazing and pretty!!! And of course, we reunited with Tiki!!! We missed her so much!!!
I love eating sweet things for breakfast!

Super windy in Iceland!!
Bye Bye to our 12 days travel buddy!!
Late Lunch in the airport! 
I love looking outside from the plane, the views are so pretty and amazing!!
Missed this little one so much!!!
Thank you for reading!! For more, please check out the vlog!=)
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  1. Haha finally. You wrote about the ending. I really like your pictures they are so fresh and lively. More than you I can't wait for your next trip


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