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Friday 5 May 2017

Pop Of Red♥

White Bell Sleeves (here!) | Strappy Pattern Dress (Similar here!) | White Slip-On Sneakers (Similar here!) | Chanel Necklace (Similar here!) | Chanel Earrings (Similar here!) | *Miss True Love Red Bag (here!) | *Sweet Heart Pom Pom in Pink (here!
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I was quite busy yesterday, tidying the apartment, especially my dressing room, full of clothes and stuffs from the huge shopping haul videos, yes, I just tidied and organised them, they have been staying there since I finished filming the shopping haul video last week! XD" Then, I took a shower and prepared myself as my parents in law came for dinner. I asked my husband to help me take some photos of this outfit, really quick, maybe less than 2 mins with my iPhone 6s plus like other outfit's photos. But I spent so much time to choose the photos because my husband was pressing the button and I kept moving, so many photos are like not ready, eyes closed, messy hair or I was moving! Then, I needed to send them to my email and download them, organise the photos' order and add my blog website on each of them, after which I uploaded them on my blog, edited and changed their sizes to fit my blog. Previewed so many times to make it perfect! Then it's still was not finish, I needed to write something and search the products links. And the last step is let my husband help me correct some of the grammar. So I spent so much time and effort for that as most of you didn't know or expected. But I do enjoy doing it!=) In addition, I received my Zara online packages yesterday but I still didn't have time to open them yet, I will open them later. So excited to try the new clothes on and make more outfit blogposts!! By the way, I love this kind of pattern dress for summer but here in Switzerland it is still a bit cold, so I paired it with a white bell sleeves sweater inside. And I love how the little red bag makes the outfit more special and stands out.
♥Special thanks to my husband as he is always my first viewer! XD♥

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