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Wednesday 3 May 2017

Perfect Stone Wall♥

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Pink Bell Sleeves Sweater (here!) | Pink Corset (here!) | Black Leggings Pants (here!) | White Slip-On Sneakers (Similar here!) | Necklace (here!) | Earrings (here!) |  Color Lenses (here!)
These photos were taken like a month ago when we were walking with Tiki and we discovered this beautiful stone wall!! So pretty! I need to take some photos with this wall more often. And I want to change my Youtube schedule to one video per week, on Saturday! I'm sorry to say that but I want to spend my time on different things and after the hkvlog, I think it is hard for me to film and edit 2 videos per week. Also, I don't have that many things I can film for you guys! I do read some comments, suggesting me to do more cooking videos, I will think about it as my kitchen is always messy and not nice to be filmed! But if you really want to know some recipes of some special dishes from me, you can tell me on IG's story as I post my cooking dishes everyday there. And I may film a updated handbag collection, best and worst designer handbag, clothing haul and favourite video, let me know what you want to watch! Any ideas are welcomed!=)


  1. yes you can do a monthly favorites , or hong kong shopping guide , or wishlist , updated skincare

    1. Thank you for your comment and suggestion!!!=D


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