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Sunday 7 May 2017

Perfect Spring Style♥

White Lace Top (here!) | High Waist Mom Fit Jeans (here!) | Black Leather Mules (here!) | Necklace (here!) | Chanel Earrings (Similar here!) | Michael Kors Watch (here!) | Hermes Bracelet (Similar here!) | Hermes Twilly (Similar here!) | Hermes Garden Party (here!) | Lipstick #13 (here!) | Color Lenses (here!) | Black Bra Top (here!)

Love this outfit a lot♥ Full of spring breath and style! Especially, the white lace bell sleeves top, love it so so much! Probably one of my favourite top from Zara! All items are from Zara as I told you I received the packages on Thursday and I unboxed them on Friday if you watched my IG's stories, you may know what else I got! I was trying the clothes one by one and tried to style it, and when I finished, I looked at the time and realised I only had 25 mins to get ready, I wanted to wash my hair but not enough time, so I spent 15 mins to do my full makeup which usually takes me 1 hour since I am watching videos when I do my makeup. Then I used another 10 mins to dress up and pack my weekend luggage to my limited edition long longchamp travel bag(here!). By the way, I ordered 18 items from Zara this time, but I decided to return 8 of them, I hate returning as I never return my zara online order and I think it is troublesome. But I really need to as I tried them on and I think I would not wear it again because of the color, how it looks and the materials are not the one I expected. I'm thinking whether I should still include these items in the clothing haul video and talk about the reasons why I want to return it. Well, let's see when I will go to the city and return it next week, and I hope I can film the clothing haul video next week.



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