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Monday 22 May 2017

My Favourite Top♥

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Don't know where to start. I feel like I have many things I need to tell you guys in this blogpost. First of all, I wore this outfit on Thursday and went to eat dinner with my parents-in-law in a Thai restaurant. I will show you what we ate in the next blogpost. Then at night, my husband's Macbook suddenly got frozen and didn't work. On my side, I was editing my video for Saturday and I couldn't finish it as it was already late that night. Therefore, I planned to edit it on next day, that is, Friday. However, when I almost finished editing and exporting it, my Macbook shut down by itself like it sometimes happens, and when I turned it back on, I couldn't see my project in iMovie!!! It just disappeared!!!=.="

It happened to me before, and I couldn't get the project back and needed to re-edit it. But because my husband went to Apple Store on Friday and the staff asked him to back up his files through an other Macbook (mine in this case) before they try repairing it, I went with him the following day so that we could save his files. Moreover, I had a little hope that the staff may help me to get back my missing project. In the meanwhile, I desperately tried different methods that I found searching on Google and it didn't work for me. So on Saturday, we went to the Apple Store in Geneva, we spent 2 hours there and both of our issues were not resolved. I just asked the staff who was helping my husband and she said she is not good at apps and will help me find someone good at it later, but then she ended saying that they are not allowed to manipulate customers's data, so they couldn't help. Seriously?! They can just tell me what to do or where to click and I can do it by myself, anyway, they didn't even have a look at all... So that's why I didn't have any video last Saturday!! I really wanted to get the project back as I almost finished it, and I found the file in my Macbook but it just didn't show up on iMovie. It's really hard for me to re-edit the same thing again! So I tried all Saturday's afternoon again to search and try to get my project back! I finally gave up at night time and decided to re-edit it again! ><" Yes! My husband and I had a bad days last week, but because my husband's Macbook is now in the Apple Store, he tried to use back his old PC, and I totally forgot that I also used his PC. I found some old pictures, my work's photos and project videos in his old PC! And we looked back nostalgically at all the old photos starting from when were babies, some travel photos in different countries, Tiki old photos, my family photos, videos of Tiki and Mocha (our rabbit). Seriously I didn't know where these photos and videos were stored, maybe in some of my memory cards but I did not see them for a very long time. I decided to store back all the photos and videos in the new pink hard disk which my husband bought in the Apple store to store his files that day. We brought pink because he said he won't use it again, so I chose a pink one. And some of the photos were used for our "grow-up videos" during our wedding ceremony. In a typical HK-style wedding, these videos are usually played during the wedding day and through them guests can see some of the couple's picture from baby to the wedding day. Anyway, we were happy and enjoyed looking back at the old photos and videos and the bad moments are just gone!=D Now, I need to re-edit my video! See you and thank you for your patience!

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