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Thursday 13 April 2017

YSL♥ Volupté Tint-In-Balm 02

I think a lot of you guys already heard about this lip product. I saw the TV commercial of this lip product on Facebook. Very attractive!! The model's lips look amazing with this lip product, look so juicy! XD" I can say this commercial is really successful and I'm sure that many girls know this product because of the commercial. It was like 2-3 months ago, and I was just back to Switzerland from Hong Kong, so I couldn't get it in Hong Kong as it is cheaper there than in Switzerland. So I just forgot about it because I already got 3 YSL lipsticks during this HK trip. Then, when my birthday was coming soon in March, I was thinking what to get for my birthday, and I wanted to get one but I discovered it was not available yet in Switzerland. The salesperson told me that it will arrive at the end of March. So here it is! I got one just to try as I'm a lipstick-holic! I would love to get 2-3 additional colors but it is expensive to get it in Switzerland, not worth paying an higher price for the same item! So I decided to get one and try, if it's good, I will get more in Hong Kong next time or get it in France.
If you want to know more about this lipstick/ lip balm, what I think and how it looks like on my lip, keep reading!
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When I first tried it on my hand in the beauty counter, I thought the texture of this lip products are really similar to their sheer candy collection ones. However, I believe there is something different between them. You can see the picture below which gives extra information about these lip products.

Want to get one? (here!)
Which color(s) do you like? No.4 & No.9 I would love to get them too!!
No.1 || No.2 || No.3 || No.4♥|| No.5 || No.6 || No.7 || No.8 || No.9♥|| No.10 || No.11 || No.12
Let me show you how I look with No.2!
I think the color looks quite similar to the lipcolor example picture above. And I love it so much, not just the color but also the texture!!!! It's so smooth on my lip, it felt like a lip balm mixed with lip oil but also like a lipstick color and shiny lipgloss! Haha, it's like 4 in 1 lip product! Earlier, I mentioned that the texture looks similar to the sheer candy collection when I tried on my hand! But when trying it on my lip it was different. No need to say that the packaging is pretty as usual and the smell and taste are the same as usual too. I definitely will get No.4 and No.9 in the future! I got it in store and the staff didn't mention anything about the personal engraving service, it may only be for online orders, I'm not sure! If you like the glossy lip look but not sticky like a lip gloss, this is a good choice for you! 

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