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Saturday 29 April 2017

Chez Xu♥ Chinese Restaurant

We went to eat chinese food for dinner with my parents-in-law last week, we went to this chinese restaurant several times already. This is a typical chinese restaurant opened by chinese people, so the food is does really taste real chinese, not like a "foreign-chinese" food!XD My husband and I took the spicy beef and dim sum to share. But we discovered the spicy beef is much less spicy than before, like maybe 2 years ago. Probably some customers said it was too spicy, especially for foreigners, not too many of them can eat the super spicy chinese food. One cultural difference I noticed is that foreigners like to order their food and not share. But for Asian, we like to order different kinds of food and put in the middle of the table and share to eat. I really prefer our culture because we can try and taste different foods in one meal, that's why my husband and I like to share the food!


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