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Friday 24 March 2017


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I received one comment asking to see my two boys together, so here they are. They both are old medium size. I will mention some information about them such as where I got them, their prices, etc. If you are interested, keep reading!=)

Outfit post with this bag (here!)
This is my first Chanel boy, pink with classic quilted, patent leather with vintage sliver hardware. I got it in Hong Kong in March 2014. I saw this bag on VIP on sale. Its original price is HKD 35900 and it was sold at HKD 30520. It was a brand new bag and one rarely can get a Chanel bag on sale. At that time, I was super excited as I never had a Chanel boy bag before, and it is pink color with vintage sliver hardware. It's my dream boy bag combination. I went to their actual store in Central and bought it. I still love it so much.♥ This bag still looks like brand new, no scratches, no color transfer. Nice!!
Outfit with this bag (here!)
This is my second Chanel boy bag, dark pink with chevron, lambskin with shiny light gold hardware. You guys probably know because I received it just recently for my birthday(here!). So I got this bag in March 2017. These two boy bags were bought exactly 3 years apart. This bag is really meaningful for me. If you watched my video(here!), you may know. I love the raspberry pink color as the picture above can't really show it with the shiny light gold hardware which looks totally different than my other boy bag. And I always wanted to get a chevron boy bag, I felt so surprised they got me one when I unboxed this bag. I have no idea how they chose the one I wanted. Feel so spoiled.♥ I know the price of this bag because I saw it on, it costs CHF 4060, which is around HKD 31609. Loving and enjoying my new boy bag♥

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