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Monday 13 March 2017


Hey loves, you probably already watched my video or read my blog about my birthday earlier. Here are some pictures of that day that I would like to put together at one place and share with you guys. I started the day preparing myself, making-up, dressing-up and curling my hair,  just wanted to be nice on my birthday. Then we went for my birthday lunch in a special restaurant in Montreux. After that, we went back to my parents-in-law home and celebrated my birthday! They prepared so much for my birthday, cake, champagne, firework candle and surprising gifts from Chanel! And I received over an hundred of love messages and comments on everywhere which made me feel so much loved and cared. That was my 29th birthday in Switzerland. It was a special and touching one. Thank you so much to all of you♥

~The End~

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  1. Happy Birthday..btw you look so young!

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