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Wednesday 15 February 2017


Hey loves, I guess you had a great time with your valentine yesterday! What did you do with your loved one? For me, I just simply had a dinner with my husband at home but that's enough. I dressed up even though we were eating at home! =D After dinner, we watched TV together for a short period. I planned to watch a movie together but I needed to finish my things like writing the blog and editing the video which are scheduled. And my husband wanted to watch the football match. Actually, it's just like our daily usual life! XD And yes, this blogpost is about what did I receive for my Valentine's Day, I just want to share my happiness with you guys. Again, gifts are just a substance, they are not necessary! And I can order this item whenever I want, but I just like to get something on a special day or festival to make the item more meaningful and memorable. I did mention this on my unboxing video on my Youtube channel. If you're interested, welcome to watch it!(click here!) And let's see what I got for my Valentine's Day!

I ordered it on Super nice packaging♥
My package has been lovingly wrapped by LY, Thank you!♥
Now you know what I got! A pair of Valentino's shoes!!! I always wanted to have a pair!! They are always on my wishlist! Finally they're here!
Da-la!! Here they are! So pretty! And they are pink which is my favourite color!
Aren't they so pretty to look at? I couldn't believe I finally own them!XD I was worrying they will get dirty and damaged after wearing them.
Here is some information regarding these shoes! I got these shoes CHF 100 less than if I ordered them on and they even don't have this color on their website. More details mentioned on my video.
Want ones? (click here!)
This is the designer original packaging. There are a red box, a dust bag, 3 little envelopes and of course a pair of shoes!
The older version of the dust bag is entirely red. This is their newest version of the dust bag.
Because mines are patent leather, there is one additional information card for that. And 2 extra studs for repairing.
Let me show you more about these shoes. When I did some research for these shoes, I discovered not many people show their Valentino's shoes in a detailed way. However, I do think it's helpful for someone looking for a pair of Valentino's shoes. That;s why I decided to show you guys.
There is a tiny scratch and the stitches are not perfectly even. I think this is the case for most of the shoes, so exchanging them could turn out to be even worse. Therefore, I didn't exchange them.
At the end, I want to show you this! I discovered that the inside of the shoes look like this. At first I thought they are damaged, but now I think that this is part of the design, making things easier in case the leather has to be taken out for repairing. Let me know if your Valentino shoes are similar! I'm just wondering XD
Thank you so much for reading! And you're welcome to watch my unboxing video if you're interested.
If you also interested in these shoes, you can visit them here!
Have a nice day!


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