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Sunday 5 February 2017


Gucci Lipstick (here!)
This is my very first Gucci lipstick and I think I won't buy it again. Oh..I feel bad to say this because I do love the lipstick and all the packaging associated with it. I have to say I love the service in Gucci store. I got this lipstick like 3 months ago, I just can't find a time to write this blogpost. At the beginning, I went to the Gucci fashion store because they didn't have the beauty counter in the shopping mall yet. They were just out of stock of almost every color of their lipstick, with only some dark red and purple colors left which I didn't choose. The saleswoman was really nice and tried her best to help me, but there was really nothing I wanted, I then decided to order it online. I didn't really want to order a lipstick online because I can't see the real color which is the problem about this lipstick. The pictures of this color on their website are completely different than the real color. I knew about color differences when shopping online, it can happen with pretty much everything, clothes, bags...etc which is quite annoying. As you can see the last picture is from, the color is like shiny coral with a pink tone. And the real one is like a matte coral red tone color. When I opened it, I thought they sent me a wrong color or something. But I checked the name and the item number which corresponded to what I ordered. I didn't want to return it, it is just so trouble and I do love the color as well because this color looks similar to my other YSL lipstick and the packaging is really pretty. I just giving it a try is better than returning it. I paid CHF 59 for this, it comes with a Gucci paper bag, a Gucci dustbag and a little Thank you card which is really nice and fancy. The packaging of the lipstick itself looks really chic and classic. The smell of the lipstick is like a vanilla sweet smell which is why the fragrance is named "Blue Chocolate", personally I don't hate the smell but neither do love it as much as the YSL ones. The texture is between MAC and YSL, not like MAC that dries and not like YSL that smooths and moisturises. Their lipstick reminds me of the TomFord ones. They are of a quite similar texture and smell. In addition, their prices are higher than the ones from other brands. To be honest, for that price, I prefer buying other brands, I just think it's a bit pricy. If the price were lower, I think I may get another one because I do love how they present their products, making them more luxurious with the packaging, maybe because of that, it increases the production cost. By the way, I love to use their little dustbag as a little makeup bag in my small handbag. Overall, I think their lipstick is worth a try only if you get those packaging stuffs. It's good to have such a nice packaging and luxurious experience for just buying a lipstick. It feels like buying something big. XD 
I here wrote my own opinion, share with me what do you think about the Gucci lipstick? Thank you for taking your time to read this post! See you in my next ones♥


  1. That's such a shame about the colour, I can't believe it! You're more just buying the experience than anything else it seems

    Gabrielle Isabella x

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