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Wednesday 25 January 2017

Supermarket Outfit♥

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We always go to buy the food for all the week in supermarket. Sometimes we have to leave Tiki at home as some supermarkets do not allow dogs! But recently we found a new spot which accepts dogs in the shopping centre and it's really near home. Well, we are not so sure they allow dogs in the supermarket but the staff didn't say anything when they saw Tiki. So we are happy that we found a new place to buy food and can bring Tiki with us, because I do feel bored when we go to the same place so many times and feel bad to look at the phone screen (I return on the Macbook and FaceTime Tiki) and see Tiki screaming and sitting next to the door all the time when we go to Supermarket. I feel like our daily life changed a little. And we love discount, this supermarket has many discounts on seafood items, probably there are not much people to shop there and they don't really like seafood. Anyway, it's good for us, we love seafood and I love quietness! Be happy for little things and life will become more special


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