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Thursday 13 October 2016

My First Hermes Unboxing & VLOG♥

My first Hermes bag unboxing!!! I was so excited to get this bag in the Hermes store! I didn't expect and plan to get this bag that suddenly. I didn't want to go to Hermes store to have a look because my dream bag is Birkin, but I'm not ready to spend that much money for a handbag. So I don't like to go in just for window shopping, if I see the Birkin bag that I want and cannot buy yet, I will feel bad, so better not go in at all. I also like the Garden Party bag but I feel like it's hard to see one in store as they don't display many bags in the Hermes store. I feel like they hide their bags. And honestly I feel pressure to shop in Hermes or I don't know how to shop in Hermes. In other brand shops, I don't feel this way, maybe I just rarely go in or I'm not used to. So why did I go to the Hermes store? Because my sister and her boyfriend came to Switzerland, and her boyfriend needed to help his sister find a bag in Hermes. Then I had a chance to go in the Hermes store and asked. I really didn't plan to, but at that moment, I asked"Do you have any Garden Party?" =.=|| Then she said yes, please come in and she brought out a size 36 Black Garden Party limited edition.   ↓ ↓

I tried it on and I think size 36 is too big for my daily use and I didn't want black color limited edition because the price is little bit higher than the normal one, and just the lining is colourful, I like the original one more. So I just asked if they have size 30, she said no but she can contact me when they have it in store. Then, I filled the information card with my name, address and phone number and what I'm looking for. My sister and I still said she probably won't call me or I need to wait for a year. But she called me after 2 days!!! YES! ONLY 2 DAYS!! At that time, I missed her call and I listened back her voice message. She said my bag has arrived this morning, call her back when I will go to see the bag!!! I was so disappointed to listen this voice message because I didn't plan to get a bag so soon like this as I already got some bags recently! But I didn't know how to explain to them that I want the bag but not now!=.=|| And I think they may black list me as I'm playing with them if I answer them I don't want this bag now... So I was so confused. And I kept asking my husband what should I do? Then he was like a angel XD said ok, you can buy but promise me don't buy bags so soon again! At that time, I was so happy and said ok I promise you that I won't buy bag for at least a year! Little bit regret already><"
That is the story of this bag!!XD
OK! Don't talk too much and let's unbox it and see what I finally got!
Garden Party- Light Blue (Similar here!) | Light Brown (Similar here!)
*Taken by Panasonic GF6
**Taken by Olympus Pen 7
**Taken by iPhone 6S plus
Thank you for reading!=)


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  1. that happiness plus guilty feeling when you want to buy something that you really want and its too expensive! hehe! your husband is really supportive towards your shopping which is totally #husbandgoals


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