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Wednesday 28 October 2015


Day 3 in Iceland, we woke up quite early in the morning, and we went to see the Seljalandsfoss waterfall first. You can go behind this waterfall. The weather was not good, cold, windy and raining. I suggest wearing a waterproof jacket and bring some big dry towel which you can use when you go back to the car. Also, you better bring some snacks like chocolates, candies and cookies for long driving. For the Day 3 accommodation, we stayed at Gerdi Guesthouse(Gerdi, 781 Hofn i Hornafirdi), well, I think it is more like a hotel than a guesthouse. One night costs Euro 123 and includes 2 single beds, TV, Bathroom and Toilet, Wifi and parking. There is also a restaurant where we had a dinner. Food is good but pricy.
Photo with Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Selfie with Seljalandsfoss waterfall
Behind the waterfall
Skogafoss Waterfall
Got wet after this photo
Selfie with Skogafoss
Be careful!
Selfie with the waterfall
Solheimajokull Glacier
The Solheimasandur Airplane Wreckage (How to go)
Selfie with the airplane
The black sand beach next to the airplane wreckage. The wave was super strong!
People exercising!
You will see lots of little built stone mountains, not only at this place, you will discover they are everywhere in Iceland. Travellers built it for good luck.
Don't know how it is called, just stop in the middle of the road. But you should stop and walk on it, they are not stone, so soft, funny texture like a pillow.
Sheeps are everywhere in Iceland, pay attention when you drive.
Remember this Street sign!! Don't miss it! You must regret if you miss it! We almost missed it because the Guide to Iceland 12 days Self Drive Tour didn't mention this!
Fjallsarlon- THE BEST VIEW EVER!!!
We had to use the camera stand to take some beautiful couple/family/friends photos!!
Camera: Panasonic GF6
Camera: Casio Tr15
This is only one of our jumping photos, we took so many jumping photos, so funny!
Ice!!! We found it in the water!
Too beautiful view!! We couldn't stop taking photos!=D
After Fjallsarlon, we drove around for 1min and found this!
And continued driving a bit, we saw this!!!
You can't miss these places!!! They are so beautiful!!!
Soup with bread (ISK 1200 ~EURO 8.4 ~HKD 72 ~USD 9.3)
Fish with salad (ISK 4100 ~EURO 28.8 ~HKD 247 ~USD 31.9)
Want to see more, check out the vlog!


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