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Wednesday 14 October 2015

DAY 2 ICELAND: Golden Circle + Bolet picking (06.09.2015)

Day 2 Iceland blog is here! We went to the Golden Circle that day. 99% of the tourists visiting Iceland do the Golden Circle. The other 1% probably already did it and it's second time they visit! Not much to say as I already mentioned almost everything on my Day 1 blogpost! But I forgot to mention about the money, most of the travellers like to exchange the local money when they travel. Iceland is like other european countries, you can use your debit card and credit card in most of the places, but in Iceland you can use cards everywhere, no matter the amount you spend. Most of the places in Europe  have a minimum amount from which you can use your debit card, but that's not the case in Iceland . We never saw how the local money looks like in this trip, we just used our debit card and credit card! That is really convenient.
For the Day 2 accommodation, we stayed at EG HOMESTAY(STORA GERDI 1A, 860 HVOLSVOLLUR), One night costs Euro 90 which includes car parking, mini kitchen, toilet, sofa, Wifi, TV, and 2 single beds which you can put together to make it one. It is a room which local people rent  to travellers. It is really spacial and clean. However, the toilet and bathroom are a bit small and the automatic lighting was quite annoying, when I was taking shower, this auto lighting was turning off by itself, one then needed to get out the shower to turn it on again! Otherwise, we had a good stay there and the owner was really nice and kind, spent a lot of time to explain and recommend us some places to visit! You can check out my vlog to see how the room looks like.
Early morning 7:45a.m- Hallgrimskirkja

These should be some special!
The Sun Voyager
Selfie with the sun voyager
The main roads in Iceland are nice and well-made! But some smaller roads are really bad!
Thingvellir National Park
Nice view!
Beginning to walk!
The weather was not good, cold, raining and windy!
How many sheeps do you see?
My husband was so happy to pick up bolets! XD
Lunch Time: 2 HogDogs (ISK 900 ~EURO 6.3 ~HKD 55.8 ~USD 7.2)
P.S. Sausages contain lamb & pork meat, I really looked forward to eat hotdogs but I don't eat lamb><"
Little Geysir- so cute!
Eruption every few mins!
Don't know what it exactly is, some hot water on the ground!=D
Fresh Iceland Mountain Air- A empty can XD
A hot chocolate & cappuccino are perfect after a long walk and in the cold weather.
(Total Cost: ISK 1040 ~EURO 7.3~HKD 64.6~USD 8.3)
Gullfossi waterfall
Kerid- Entry fee for 2 (ISK 700 ~EURO 4.9~HKD 43.5~USD 5.6)
Be careful!
The highest point!
My husband couldn't stop picking up bolets!
Go to the lake!
Love this photo because the flag was perfect!
(Total cost: ISK 5260 ~EURO 37 ~HKD 327 ~USD 42) 
This restaurant offered local grown beef. The beef soup was good and a bit spicy, the beef burger was also good although a bit pricy.
Want to see more, check out the vlog!
((Click to watch NOW!))

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