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Wednesday 21 October 2015

Baked Potatoes ♡ Special tomato sauce

Potatoes X 6-8 
 Tomatoes X 2-4 
Onion X 2 
Garlic X5-8 pieces 
Corn X 1 can 
Cheese X 3 pieces 
Ketchup X 5-8 table spoons 
Soy Sauce X 3-5 table spoons 
Salt X 1-2 tea spoons 
Sugar X 1-2 tea spoons 
White pepper X 1-2 tea spoons 
Chicken Powder X 1 tea spoon
1. Wash & Boil the potatoes, before boil cut a line in the middle of the potatoes.
2. Cut the tomatoes & onion to the small pieces, add to the pan.
3. Crop the parsley, coriander & garlic, add to the pan.
Add olive oil, soy sauce, ketchup, salt, sugar, white pepper & chicken powder, cook around 5 mins.
Add ham/meat & corn.
Package the soft potatoes with aluminium paper.
Add the mixture sauce into the potatoes, put in the oven 15-20 mins in 200 degrees.
Add cheese on the potatoes, put in the oven again 5-10 mins in 100 degrees.
Done!! Enjoy your meal!=D
**The sauce mixture can be salty than usual because the potato is tasteless.**
This sauce is also nice on mushrooms!! I did't add the ham and corn that time! All vegetables!! Yummy!!
Try to make, and let me know do you like it! 
Video version:
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