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Monday 12 January 2015

Wedding Dresses Idea- *

Hi everyone, 
Today, I would like to share some amazing long prom dresses with you! If you are planning your wedding and choosing your wedding dresses for your big day, I have some ideas for you! Especially if you like saving money, would like to keep the dresses after the wedding for memory gift, prefer not renting the dresses and want the brand new ones. If you recognise yourself in the above, is a prom dress online shop in UK which should figure on your must see list. They offer a fantastic range of prom dresses, elegant, classic, dramatic. You should find something you like and which suits your style. You may discover your dream wedding dress in! On top of that, a 70% off big sale is currently available! Even though I already got married, I can't stop staring at them! They are just so pretty! I regret that I did not know before selecting my own wedding dresses since I discovered some amazing dresses and I really like them! I did rent the wedding dresses for my wedding and the prices were not cheap at all! The prices were more expensive than in this online store. And the main thing is I can't keep my wedding dresses for my memory souvenir. Here is a small selection of my preferred dresses, of course, there are much more choices at Have a look at the dresses I have selected and choose yours in the big sale!
This white long prom dress is just perfect for wedding dress, and it is really close to what I wanted for my wedding. It is a really elegant and simple dress. I like the crystal details and the cutting! Maybe I will get one and ask my husband to take some wedding photos in Switzerland by ourselves lol.

This red long dress is just so hot and sexy! This dress is just perfect to wear at the beginning of the wedding party, that is, when welcoming and taking photos with guests! It is really sharp and does catch everyone's eyes!
This light pink long prom dress is one of my favourite with its elegant and luxury look! And I like the colour and the crystal details on the dress. The cutting is so slim, and good for closing ceremony at the end of the wedding party.
This white long dress is classic and greek style, I do love this dress also, it gives you a natural pure wedding look! If you want your wedding dress to be simple and classic, this dress is really a good choice!
This dress reminds me a bit Sailor Moon princess dress! It is simple and elegant, the back design is really nice and stands as a good cover the bra line, you will still be able to wear normal bra with this dress.
That's it! These were the dresses I liked the most, there are much more pretty dresses on! And don't miss the big sale up to 70%!!!
Show me your choices on Instagram tag @angelbirdbb & hashtag #dressestylist!

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  1. Pretty dresses!

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  2. such fab dresses

  3. Fantastic selection!love the dresses!

  4. What gorgeous dresses! I love the red one!

  5. Amazing how prom dresses have evolved into glamorous pieces like these.
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