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Sunday 10 August 2014

Online Shopping Part2: Zara SALE♥ 網上購物分享2

**Zara SALE**
This is my very first time online shopping on Zara app! I love this app, it's user friendly & you can choose to post your order at home or you pick up in the store! And, mainly, items are on sale now! The prices are just crazily compared to the original prices, especially for the shoes! So, I ordered 3 shoes and 1 top! But one thing I have to say is that they use way too much boxes for the packaging which is not environmentally optimal! They should add an option which allows customers to choose whether they need a box or not for the shoes! Just go to watch my video now, you will understand much better why I say that=) Remember Subscribe my channel & thumb up the video if you enjoyed, it would mean a lots to me, Thank you so much!



  1. great review on zara's online app store and loved your video<3
    Have a lovely Sunday!


  2. so cute! love it

  3. Your so cute and well done for being able to film in the car. I would have got so flustered even thinking about it lol x

    1. haha....Thank you so much!! It was too hot to film in the car, especially in summer and sunny day=D

  4. Lovely haul and video!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Sorry I couldn t comment under the video, I had a problem with the system.
    Anyway, the things you bought are fantastic!

    1. Thank you dear!! I felt like missing something when you didn't leave a comment! What happen with the system? Thank you so much to leave a comment here and let me know you couldn't leave a comment on Youtube!=)


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