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Sunday 27 July 2014

Online Shopping Part1: Alexander McQueen♥ 網上購物分享1

Few days ago, I received a e-mail from Alexander McQueen noticing that they are on sale now. I just wanted to have a look, to see whether my dream silk scarf is on sale or not! Unfortunately, it is not but they do have many pretty stuffs which are on sale. This leopard print wallet(*photo below) caught my eyes! I do not only love pink but also leopard print and skull too! and the combination of this wallet is just perfect fit! So I decided to place my order=)
I placed my order on Friday, and I received it on Monday! It was quite fast and the transportation fee is Euro30!
It came with a box and a piece of cotton!
I do love everything about this wallet, I love the design, the brand, the leather and this wallet is quite different compared to the other wallets I have! This one is more durable, I don't need to worry it gets dirty or that there are scratches on it! I can use it a much relaxed way than other wallets that I own! But I feel a bit disappointed of the quality, when I hold the wallet, it hurts my hand by the unfinished lines(*hard to explain, check out my video and below photo)! Also, the behind compartment with the gold button lock looks cheap(*below photo)! The original price is quite expensive, for a similar price you can buy a Chanel wallet! For that price and a big brand, they should make it better than that! I can return it but I consider it is a sale item and it is the last one, and I do love it so much, so I just decided to keep it!
I wanted a Alexander McQueen silk scarf for more than 2 years! When I was in London 2 years ago, I already wanted to get one but at that time, I bought a Chanel GST, so I didn't get it! And, there is no store in Switzerland, I know I can order it online, but I need to pay the post fee Euro 30 and the local tax fee, which  costs almost half price of the scarf! I thought it was not worth to get it online, so I was waiting travelling to other countries to get it! But because I ordered the wallet on sale, (and anyway I needed to pay the post fee), so I just couldn't wait anymore to get it at the same time=) So here we are!
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  1. great haul sweetie !!

  2. thats a really nice wallet, loved the leopard print
    keep in touch

    1. Thank you! because you love leopard print too=) Keep in touch xoxo

  3. Thank you for this lovely post and video!
    enjoyed watching it!
    Lovely scarf and wallet!
    So cute!

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