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Friday 27 June 2014

My New Camera♥ Lumix GF6

Camera is one of my must have item in my life, I love to take photos, make videos & write blogs! I love the way that photos keep my memories, feel good to look back at the photos sometimes, especially when you miss someone/ somewhere, when you feel bad/ upset, look back the happy moment in your past like travelling photos, wedding photos... They do really make you feel better and help you cross your bad moments. Because human brains are so complicated, they always forget some good moments and always remember the bad moments. It's the main reason which I love to recording every happy moments so that remain memorable. 

I have few cameras for different usage, some for underwater, some for taking selfies, some for travelling, some for daily use... The one I always use for my daily use is my samsung ex2f (Click here for more), and I do love this camera, I use it for my blogs and videos, it is easy to use and very convenient for non-professionals like me who doesn't know how to use the complicated functions of the camera! However, this samsung camera would suddenly switch from video to photo mode when filming a video, especially recently it happened a lot which was quite annoying! 

I also have a pink Lumix GF1 but it's quite heavy, no wifi transfer and the screen cannot rotate! For someone like me, who enjoys sharing photos on Instagram/ Facebook on the go, make vlogs and take selfies, it is preferable to have a wifi transfer function and a rotating screen which is much more convenient! So I finally got this Lumix GF6 I mentioned on my past post. Before I bought the Casio selfie camera in Hong Kong, I was planning to buy Lumix GF6 in white colour with white colour lens but they only had sliver lens, and at that time I was so obsessed with the white lens that I didn't buy it! And, of course, I regret I didn't buy it in Hong Kong because the problem mentioned above with the Ex2f camera happened a lot when I came back to Switzerland and they don't have white colour here=( 

So, I got a black one finally which is nice also although I still prefer white. I tried hard to convince myself that black also looks fine since I never had a black camera before. To me, this black colour looks much more professional, classic...etc lol Hope I can accept the black colour soon! I just used the camera few times, I quite like it but I still need time to try more first and comment later!
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  1. I agree with each and every word, a good camera is a necessary now , we gotto capture all the special moments
    Keep in touch

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments as always!! I do read all your comments!! I appreciate for your support!!!
      Keep in touch=)

  2. Waou!it s a nice camera with great performances!
    I m very happy for you because you will cath lovely pics, you film nice videos it s a wonderful news.
    I wish you a fab weekend!


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