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Friday 20 June 2014

Little Sharing♥ Snack box. Nail polish. Ring

I just want to share with you guys something I just got/ I'm using/ I'm in love with! First, it is a snack box I discovered in Migros (a supermarket in Switzerland), there are 2 different colour boxes, inside there are some dried fruits (mango, kiwi and grape), peanuts, pistachio, almond covered with chocolate! I love to eat chocolate or any snack, but they are really fat and not healthy. So I always want something less fat/kcal, more healthy and yummy! This box really fits all my requirements and is around 200kcal per box, not too much fat chocolates, make you feel full when you are hungry, one little box can feed you all the day and the packaging is great, you can cover it when you are not finish! Of course, I'm sure there are some other similar snacks but I like the combination and the packaging so much! Then, there is the nail polish I am currently using, the O.P.I "Feelin'hot-hot-hot!", I applied it on my feet nails. The essie "Eternal optimist", I applied on my hand nails! I really love these two colours! Good for Summer! Lastly, I got a little cute ring in Carat! It is a 925 sliver ring with 19 light pink crystals on the circle top. I love it so much and the price is reasonable=) 
Hope you love my little sharing, see you soon!


  1. I can't believe you ever eat chocolate, you are just so slim..
    I love to snack and this snack box is just perfect
    The ring is gorgeous
    I love your lip color in the pic
    I am inviting you to enter my 50 euro Divissima giveaway
    Keep in touch

  2. snack looks great :)

  3. Since I had my health problems, my apetite has got down, before I adored chocolate , cakes , ice crem and so one.
    But now, I just eat when I m hungry and much less than before.
    My man s father used to say :"We eat to live, ,we don t live to eat"and I think he had right.
    this snack box looks just delicous!
    Missing your lovely videos, even if the post and the pics are just so beautiful!
    Have a nice week my dear!


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