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Tuesday 20 May 2014

Top 5 items I got in Hong Kong♥

As you know I just came back from Hong Kong and I bought a lot of things like makeup products, daily products, clothes, shoes, japanese magazines, thousand of noodles, foods and snacks... But today I would like to share something that I think is really so exciting for me at least. Most of them are my birthday presents from me lol, good excuse! And I need to make it clear first, it is not a showing off post, if you don't like this kind of post, please leave now! DON'T force yourself to read something you don't like;) Also, they are all authentic and real from their own brand boutique. 
My 26th birthday present from my husband♥ I finally got one of these classic Chanel necklaces, I don't know why I have a "lots" jeweleries from Chanel but not a piece of necklace lol. It's simple but really lovely and classic!
My very first piece of Hermes♥ First time I saw it on my last year birthday in Amsterdam Hermes store but I didn't get it because I decided to get a speedy 30 from Louis Vuitton. And this year birthday, my husband and I decided to get one, so we went to the store in HK but there was no pink colour. I was then so disappointed and went instead to the Chanel store to get something (the classic necklace above that I mentioned) to replace this bracelet. But I was still not giving up, I searched on, I found out they have this colour called "Rose wood", like a darker baby pink in this year collection. Therefore, I messaged one of my friends who has a lots experiences in buying Hermes products and she helped me to ask her SA, first her SA said they don't have this colour:( But after few days, she said they have one now and helped me to keep it! I was so excited and got it on the following day lol. Thank you so much to Samantha♥
Casio Tr 15/ Tr 350♥ It's a really popular selfie beauty camera in Asia. The price just crazily increased , and I never planned to get one. I wanted to get a white panasonic GF6 with white lens but it seems that it was out of stock everywhere. Then, I tried to use this Casio camera at my friend wedding party and felt in love with it, totally forgetting about the GF6. Of course, I went on to buy this Casio camera, and at that time there were GF6 everywhere=.= but I didn't regret to get it, I really love this carmera.
Chanel pink wallet♥ Well... a long story for this wallet too lol. I saw this wallet on few months ago and bought it online. After the payment was made, they sent some photos to confirm and make sure that the wallet that I bought is that one. But in the photos, the wallet was like red colour, not the same colour as on their website, so I got refunded. When I went back to HK, Chanel released a new hot pink colour collection which I didn't really like. So I just went to VIP station store, and I saw this wallet having the same colour as I saw on website (the one I already paid and got refunded! ) Actually, this is the same wallet! How come? It seems waiting for me to bring "her" home lol!!! 
The real color of the wallet and the bag are not the same in the photo. (More photos...)
Chanel pink boy bag♥ This one have no any excuse, I really wanted a Chanel boy bag for long time, since it was released. But there is nothing I wanted in store, and I checked few online stores quite often. And I found it on (I'm not sponsored lol) again, first I went to Chanel store to ask whether they had this color boy bag or not, but they said this color is not available in HK store, then I got more excited for this bag because it is special...=.= And I promised my husband it is my last handbag purchase in this year! Please 2015 can you come faster? lol... 
I will write another post on this boy bag, maybe a review or what's in my bag?


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  2. Lucky girl! And you're sooo pretty! glad you had a successful haul chick :)


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