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Tuesday 13 May 2014

I'm back♥

Hi everyone,
Long time no see, miss you all!
I'm back from Hong Kong, I stayed there more than 3 months. Sorry for the lack of updates on my blog and my youtube channel. I was quite busy for gathering lol, I was also taking some driving lessons and french classes. But the main reason is I was super lazy= =.... From now on, I will get it back to share with you all. Here are some of my Hong Kong photos. Btw, I'm quite updated on my instagram, if you are interested to see more photos, you are welcome to check them out.
One more thing, all your orders from my shop are shipped yesterday. Sorry for the delay and there is a special gift in your package, hope you all will like it:)
See you all soon


  1. 3months holiday , wow.. Great pics, although I was updated with your Hong Kong trip but nice to see you back on blogger
    Keep in touch

  2. Reallu beautiful pics!
    Thnk you for sharing!
    We have missed you so!

  3. wow,that's really a fantastic travel
    beautiful girl,just enjoy your life in this happy way
    i wanna get along with you all and go to everywhere ,can I ?
    have a nice day
    keep in touch


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