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Thursday 29 May 2014

Current Favourite Lip Products♥

YSL Rouge Volupte 13
YSL Gloss Volupte 202 
Current Favourite Lip Products♥ 
YSL Rouge Volupte 13 & YSL Gloss Volupte 202 
When I went back to Hong Kong these last 3 months, I bought like 20+ lip products there. Because in Hong Kong the prices are much cheaper than in Switzerland. Most of them are pink tone colours. I always liked baby pink colour lip products, close to nude colour, not babie pink! But recently I tried some orange/ coral tone colour lip products, and I was surprised that I love it! Well....the above two selfies's lip colours are not really close to the real colours which are oriented towards orange tone. I love the YSL lip product's packaging like every girls does and the smells are really good, even the taste is not bad too lol. The YSL Gloss Volupte 202 & the Rouge Pure Couture 52 (not my current favourite but I do love it too) are out of stock in Hong Kong/ in most of Asia countries! They are so popular because of the korean actress who used them in her drama, and this drama is crazy popular in Asia countries also. I got mine in Switzerland, I also got one to my sister because she is one of her (the korean actress) big fans:) 
  • For the Rouge Pur Couture 52, I love the colour in the photo more than in real but maybe I'm not used to have a strong lip colour, as I always have light lip colour. I uploaded some photos about the lip colour on my Instagram, if you want to see the color of the 52, you can check it out on my Instagram. 
  • For the Gloss Volupte 202, honestly the colour does not really stand out if you already have some colour on your nature lip colour. But for me, my nature lip is no coloured at all, at least most of the time! So this gloss works on my lip, it gives you a shinny, light coral rose pink colour on your lip. As my lips are always very dry and the skin often pulls off, I love to apply this gloss after the lipstick which gives you a great looking on your dry lip.
  • For the Rouge Volupte 13, it is an amazing colour! The colour is like coral orange mix with baby pink which gives you a more natural lip look than a normal coral orange tone colour lipstick. I can't tell you how much I love this colour, probably it is my No.1 lipstick right now. My previous preferred one was YSL also, namely, Rouge Volupte 1.

Tell me what is your favourite lip product(s)?


  1. Photos are great, as is the colour...perfect! It's a shame it doesn't stand out but I quite like the shinny look. I prefer gloss personally so maybe this would be better for me anyway haha!
    Stop by sometime, Sarah x

  2. You re so pretty in all the shoots!
    lovely lipstick too!

  3. Really princess are differbt in honk kong !!!
    I always like your pic colors, will surely get the lipstick

  4. well,nice make-up
    love you sweet smile and you cute lipstick

    your lovely Poppy

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  6. lovely pics!!!thanks for the comment on my blog, sure we can follow each other, i followed you first on GFC!!!
    now i'm waiting for you!!!kisses

  7. Yes! Maybe pink is my favorite for the lips too :) Nice collection you bought! You don´t follow me yet via Google Friend Connect? :((
    Today new post, By Marc Jacobs
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  8. Thank you very much for this great post.


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