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Thursday 24 January 2013

Sale Haul ❤

Hi, everyone

Since i came back from London, i didn't really go to shopping.(Sometimes quick shop is not counted XD) Also, everywhere is sale after Christmas now. So i decided that I go to shopping today. Maybe i didn't shopping for a long time, I feel so tired after shopping. But I'm so exciting to share with you what I got!!!!
Overall❤ Pink with gold studs clutch ❤ Hallhuber CHF 69.9 ( Not on sale )

A dark green with black leather liner jacket ❤ Bershka CHF 79.9 ---> CHF 19.9

A light brown false leather jacket ❤ Zara CHF 99.9 ---> CHF 59.9

A blue shirt and neon green top ❤ Bershka CHF 39.9 ---> CHF 12.9 & CHF 12.9 ---> CHF 3.9

A sky blue sweater ❤ Zara CHF 99.9 ---> CHF 29.95

A v-share sweater ❤ Zara CHF 49.9 ---> CHF 19.95

A clubbing pink dress ❤ Zebra CHF 39.9 ( Not on Sale )

A cross shape gold necklace ❤ Bershka CHF 7.9
Covergirl hot pink nail polish ❤ Migro CHF 12.9
Neon green water drop necklace ❤ H&M CHF 12.9

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