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Monday 3 December 2012

My Fashion Book ❤

Hi, everyone,
Today I want to share my little fashion secret to you!
It's my DIY fashion book;) I love to read fashion magazine, love everything about fashion, even want to study in fashion design school but because there are so many reasons, I can't do it right now;(
Anyway, let's talk about my Fashion book, it's not a huge thing, it's just some pictures that I like and i collect them together. This book can give me some ideas when i design something or sometime when i don't know what to's help a lots. Or years after, this book become a fashion history book, and when you look back, you may laugh yourself " What?! Before I like something like that,!!!!", I'm just kidding^^
Angel 
P.S Sorry for the grammar mistakes, I'm not perfect, English is not my mother language :(

Here is just some part of my fashion book  $)

All pictures are from the magazines down below.

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