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Wednesday 1 March 2017


CASIO TR70 (here!)
♥Unboxing the TR70
♥Story about the TR15 & TR70
♥Prices & where I got the cheapest price
♥Comparison between the TR15 & TR70
♥What are my thoughts about both cameras
♥Videos of testing beauty filming function of the TR70 
Hi loves, 
A lot of you guys always asking me to do a review about my Beauty Selfie Camera TR15 and I'm so sorry that I always delayed it. But today here it is!! =) Most of you asked me whether it is worth or not and I always replied to you guys yes! It's definitely worth it! Otherwise, why would such a little camera be that expensive with a lot of people buying it? I was one of them, I brought my TR15 around HKD 98xx in May 2014 which is overpriced. However, I used it a lot in the past 3 years until I got my new one♥. I acquired the new version, the TR70, not because my TR15 doesn't work or anything, I gave it to my sister and she enjoys it! I knew the TR 70 includes a new function which is a Beauty filming function which means you got beautified when filming a video. I didn't get it when it was just released because I didn't like the design and the color of the camera. If you watched my HKvlog 2016, you may know. However, they released a baby pink version when I went back to Hong Kong this time, so I thought it was the right time to change my beauty selfie camera! Another reason is due to the price which was lower than before, I got mine HKD 4950 in Dec 2016, but my sister and cousin got it at an even lower price 1-2 months later. Since there is TR80 coming, actually they released it like 2 or 3 weeks ago. I may get it when I go back to HK next time and give or trade my TR70 because I saw it looks really nice and pretty but the problem is that it is much bigger than the TR70, so I will decide when I see it in real first, because it may too big for me to put in my small handbag or too heavy to use. I talked too much again! XD Let's quickly go to the unboxing part!=)
I chose this beautiful baby pink color one, I love it!! Looks so cool and cute! The package includes a TR 70, USB AC adaptor, AC power cord, Micro USD cable and a battery. If you buy it in Hong Kong or Macau, it should include a 1 year product warranty paper.
It is really hard to correctly picture the real pink color and honestly all pictures here are not the real actual color of the camera. XD
The store gave me this pink camera case as a gift but I gave it to my sister for my TR15 because I don't use any case for my camera.
I will now do a comparison between the TR15 and TR70. For me, the main difference is that in the contrary of the TR15, the TR70 has a new beauty function for filming. The second thing I found is that the color of the photos are different. The third thing is that the TR70 doesn't have a side button for taking pics as the TR15 does. There is instead a touch bar on the body of the camera. Finally, they look different, the TR70 being slightly lighter and smaller than the TR15.
I think the TR15 looks like a toy made with plastic opposed to the TR70 which looks more elegant and classic, especially the black part around the lense which looks like a diamond cut, so pretty!
Let us now look at the prices of these cameras. I mentioned at the beginning I paid my TR15 twice the price of my TR70, which is crazy!! At the beginning this camera was highly popular and because of the limited availability, they sold them at a larger price than their original one. In addition, I got my TR70 in a store which is not a big brand store called DC CAREER in Mong Kok Sim City Mall, so I could get a better price for it, otherwise it would have costed like HKD 6580 more or less in the Broadway (the electronic chain store in HK). Furthermore, I got it HKD 4950, and my cousin got it for HKD 4750 like one month later and my sister got it for HKD 4300 like two months later. The price drop is due to the new model-TR80. I just checked the current price of the TR70, which is HKD 4200.
 Oh...An additional difference is the country of origin, the TR15 is MADE IN CHINA whereas the TR70 is MADE IN JAPAN.
You can see the photos below, they were taken at the same place and lighting. However, they look quite different. I personally like the color of the photos made by the TR70 but I prefer how I look on the one made by the TR15. I think it is because I got used employing the TR15 to take selfies and I know the best angle for myself, but on the TR70 as I said before there is no side button, which I mainly use on my TR15. I guess I need some time to get used to my new camera and find the best angle for selfies. The color of the photos on the TR15 is more of a white tone whereas the one on the TR70 is more of a yellow tone, which is I think closer to reality and more natural. I really like the side button on the TR15, it's really convenient for me to take few pics in a second, which unfortunately cannot be done with the TR70. I noticed that the photos taken with the TR70 are slightly wider than the ones with the TR15, which means there is more on a photo.
TR15 VS TR70
 Before talking about the new function of the the TR70, I want to say that the TR15 does make you look prettier, smoothens and whitens your skin when filming even if it doesn't have any beauty function when filming. However, it looks really different and better than with using a normal camera. You can see the videos below, the first one is filmed by the Olympus Pen-7 and the second one is filmed by the TR15. My skin looks much better and whiter on the second video. It's not just about my face, everything filmed with the TR15 has a lighter color compared to the real one.

Let's now talk about the new function of my new TR70-camera. At first, I was worried about whether the length of the videos was limited or not. I also worried that the videos are not of good quality and not natural. But you can see the videos down below, the quality is good and it doesn't look fake which I'm really happy about. Moreover, there is no limited time for the videos.
Trying the beauty filming function for the first time
Too short for the testing video? I have a longer one just below!

I used the TR70 to film this video, and there were a lot of comments on how different I look on this vlog and on how my skin looks so flawless, with the makeup looking so pretty! First, I want to say thank you for all of your compliments and comments. However, I didn't change my daily makeup or I use any special skin care products, it is all about the TR70, which makes me look like this on the video! XD Moreover, my skin didn't become better or flawless, it is just because of the beauty filming function of this camera. Seems you guys like how I look on this video which makes me even happier to get this camera!=D Thanks! I probably won't use this camera for my travel vlogs because despite making you look prettier, it is not good enough to film the landscapes or other things because the auto focus is not as good as my other camera and it doesn't show the actual color as well. This is especially true when travelling where you need a better quality camera to record your trip.
Overall, I do love this camera so much and really recommend it, especially now with the price drop. However, I need to remind you, there is the just released new model, the TR80. It would be wiser to do more research on both the TR70 and TR80 before you get one. I guess they are not much different but of course it is still better to look at both in real and decide which one suits you better because the camera design really affects its way of use.
For those who like to take selfies of yourself or with others, in particular big group selfies, this camera is perfect! I like to use this camera to take selfie with my loves when we go to some special places or there are some special moments that I want to record. You can see that almost all my selfie photos on my Instagram or on my videos are taken with this camera. I actually bring this camera everywhere with me except if I just go out for a walk or go to supermarket because it's really handy compared to my other camera, which is just for daily vlogs or HK vlogs. I think this is enough, if I go to travel, I will bring this one and one more camera which is more professional, just for taking some nice photos during the trip.
I think that's it for this blogpost, it is really long already. I hope it can help you little bit if you're looking for this camera, please feel free to ask me any questions about this camera in the comment section if you want, I will reply you in the comment section asap.=)
Get one now♥

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