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Saturday 16 July 2016

VLOG: Tiki BB's 8th Birthday 2016♥

Hi guys, I feel like I didn't write a blogpost for a long time. I hope you will miss my blogpost! XD If you're following me on Snapchat, Instagram or Youtube, you may know it was Tiki's 8th birthday last week. Like every year, I made a little celebration for her. Some people may don't understand why I did that, they think it's too much or over for a pet/dog. But I want to let these people know, Tiki is my sweet heart, she is not a pet/ dog for me/us, she brings a lots happy moments and memories to us, she is a part of my life, she is as important as a family member for me. And I'm so glad and appreciative that I have her as a companion. I promised her I will celebrate her birthday every year and I will keep my promise! For me, what I did for her, it's just a piece of cake, this is nothing compared to what she gives me. She gives me everything, love, happiness, faithfulness, etc...So giving her a birthday celebration is really nothing and she deserves it! And I'm sure a lot of people understand what I feel for Tiki. For the others who may not have a pet or treat their as so, might never understand which is sad for them. Anyway, here are some pics of her birthday, enjoy!=D
Same as last year, we made her a birthday hat, a birthday cake, a whole chicken and beef balls. Oh..ofcourse a birthday card and presents!=) Oh...this time we bought some balloons.XD
She loves to wear the birthday hat, you should see on my vlog. She probably knows or thinks wearing this hat mean something special and can eat something special! XD
She must think when I can eat? XD Sorry, need to wait when we eat dinner together, so let take some selfies!
She always kisses my husband, but this kiss was different, she tried to kiss my husband so that he cannot take her food! XD She was worrying he will take her food.
This kiss means she was jealous my husband and I were kissing! She always joins us or gets angry when we kiss. XD
I made this cake differently than usual, inside there are beef, salmon, chicken, potato, carrot and egg.
We also wrote her a birthday card, I know she doesn't know how to read but it just feels good to write down something and keep the memory!
OK! I just let you guys know first, I took so many selfies with Tiki, if you're not interested, please ignore them! 
Love this pic because of Tiki face! (I posted on my Instagram and you can see why I love this pic!)
She was refusing my kiss...
My husband joined us.
This is the prefect pic overall in these selfie pics.
When we took these selfies with her, we already ate our dinner, which means she already ate her chicken and beef balls, otherwise she won't let us take so much selfies with her because she couldn't wait to eat.
So much love in this pic
This pic is when my husband woke up from the sofa and she was worrying her cake!XD
Let take a selfie break XD
This was when she just finished her meal and she sat like this to ask for more food. XD
This selfie was taken with iPhone 6s plus.
After selfies, we sang happy birthday song, made wishes, cut and ate the cake!
Happy Birthday Tiki!! Wish you all the best!! Lots of Love, happiness and health. Love you so so much!
Mama & Baba

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  1. I understand your feelings for Tiki.
    Pets are truly a member of the family... and then some!!! I love the Tiki party!


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