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Monday 18 July 2016


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Hi girls, I'm so excited to share this Chanel inspired Sling Back Shoes from Zara. I love Chanel as you guys know but I usually just buy handbags, some jewelry and small leather goods. I never bought Chanel shoes but I own one pair which my parents-in-law bought for me, otherwise I do not have any luxury brand shoes. I love beautiful shoes, but for me I feel shoes are easy to get dirty, damageable and can't be kept like a handbag for many years. Of course if I am rich, I don't mind to buy them, but I'm not! So I prefer spending my limited money for what I like most, that is, handbags! For me, handbags are pieces of art. I can look at them all day long. I like to place one or two handbags around me when I'm editing video and writing blog. When I feel tired and take a break, I will look at them and touch them, and they give me energy and make me happy and smile. Sound like crazy!XD but I'm really obsessed with handbags. Some people may think that girl buying luxury handbags mean they love money, gold diggers or showing off, this is not the case for me! I love fashion and I think a luxury handbag can highlight the whole outfit and can be used so many years. So normally I buy clothes and shoes in Zara, H&M...etc I like how the outfits mix and match with high street and designer items. Well, I feel like I am getting out of topic now, but I just want to explain a bit how I feel with designer handbags. Yes, I don't want to spend few hundreds for a pair of shoes even I really like them, so I found some inspired ones to satisfy myself. Same as people who don't want to spend so much money for handbags and find inspired ones. Just depend on what you like and obsessed with. 

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