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Sunday 21 February 2016

DAY 9 ICELAND: Friendliest dog ever!!!

13.09.2015 (SUN)
Day 9 Iceland!!! If you watched the Day 8 Iceland, you may know we were in Heydalur. In average, only 3% of the travellers visit this part of Iceland. There is not much to see but it worth to go and visit. Especially we met the friendliest dog ever there, he really brought a lot of happiness and memory to us, made our journey more special. We tried the very first natural hot spring in Iceland. It was an amazing experience when you think there suddenly is a hot spring in the middle of nowhere. And this dog accompanied us during the natural hot spring.
He liked to bring some stones with his mouth and put them on the floor in front of us so that we can  throw the stones and play with him! So cute!

Looking at us searching some stones in the hot spring.
My husband hair lol... Selfie with the cutest dog and the hot spring.
We left Heydalur and drove to Stykkisholmur to eat our breakfast & lunch.
Hafnargata 2, 340 Stykkisholmur
We really liked this restaurant, the style and the food.
Scallops ISK 1950 ~HKD 118 ~USD 15.2
((Recommended)) Seafood Soup ISK 1890 ~HKD 115 ~USD 14.7
2 X Americano ISK 600 ~HKD 36 ~USD 4.7
Total costs include a glass of apple juice: ISK 4690 ~HKD 283.4 ~USD 36.4
After lunch, we wanted to climb up the mountain and reach the red post light!(left hand side of this photo)
It was so windy as I couldn't open my eyes well.
Hmm...we saw none of these...
We should have driven our car to come here instead of walking.
Opposite side view, can you spot the restaurant we ate at?
Look clearly at the dog logo, someone stick the eye on it and it look like tearing. By the way, I don't like to see any logo like this in public area, if you have a dog, you may understand me!=)
Don't know what is that! 
We were up!
We reached the top! Super windy!=.="
A boat! Obvously!=D
Next! We went to Shark Museum. (Bjarnarhofn, 340 Stykkisholmur)
If you are interested, you can check out their website. The entrance fee is ISK 2000 ~HKD 120.9 ~USD 15.5.
This museum is not only about sharks, it combines old stuffs, sea animals, birds, stones and shells.
Scary! Shark mouths!
This dog was so calm and quiet.
The main thing of this museum is trying this special shark meat. It tastes like fish but the texture is like an octopus! And the alcohol is horrible, too strong for me!
You can buy some for souvenir, I would like to get one to my family and let them try! But the expiry date was 15.01.2016, so I didn't buy it.
I wonder if this old car still works or not?
Do you see where is my husband? XD
Different sizes of stone.
Broken pieces all over, but I don't know what are these.
We walked to the beach.
So beautiful view!
It is dangerous, don't follow what he did!!!
He still could celebrate!=.="
I saw some people picked some black stones, so I just think it is a good idea to pick different sizes stones to decorate our apartment.
We didn't really plan to visit there, we just followed the road and discover the area.
We drove a bit and we stopped again.
Don't know the name of this place but they are all similar, a little harbour and a little house.
For each point, we just like stopped, took photos, filmed video and selfies, then done!
Also don't know the name, before I thought it is a little house but it has a human shape.
Look at the beautiful sky!
Our hotel room name! But this room is far away to the reception, so the wifi signal was so bad!
Vegamot, Vegamot, 311
2 nights: Euro 239.4 ~HKD 2066 ~USD 265.5
The hotel and the restaurant are together, so we chose to eat dinner there instead of driving to somewhere else to eat.
Beer ISK 1000; Coke light ISK 350
Starter: Free but not so good!
Fish Soup included 2 pieces of bread: ISK 3790 ~HKD 229.7~USD 29.5
Plokkfiskur ISK 2990 ~HKD 181~USD 23.3
Total cost: ISK 8130 ~HKD 491.3 ~USD 63.2
We didn't really like the food but the service was nice.
Want to see more, go to watch the vlog!
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  1. That dog is so cute! I like that he photo bombed your pic ;) Looks like you guys had a great time.

    xo Azu

  2. Thanks you for this amazing escape!
    Thank you or the wonderful pictures!


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