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Sunday 31 January 2016

DAY 8 ICELAND: Wild Fox Bit Me!!!

Day 8 Iceland blog back! has been a really long time. And I know you guys are not really interested. But I just wanted to be complete the editing of this trip as I already filmed it. And I would like to keep those special memories on my blog and my channel! 
We woke up so early that day and started our journey, we changed our plan to visit the north part of Iceland which is only visited by 3% of the travellers. So that day, we basically drove all the day from Akureyri to Isafjordur. We spent more than 8 hours of driving.

We saw many sheep, more than humans! XD
We visited a town called Hofsos.
Keep driving!
We saw a church when we were searching for the toilets.
We found out that in this part of Iceland it is really hard to find a toilet!! Maybe we were too early!><
We saw a lot of rainbows that day!!^^"
We didn't feel bored because the nature along the road was beautiful!
On the opposite side is Isafjordur.
We got some bread/ desserts in this bakery.
This town is quite small and not much to see, we just walked around and got the lunch, then drove left to Heydalur.
Iceland Bakery is good!
Rainbow again!!
Country Hotel Heydalur (Heydalur, Latur, 420)
One night: Euro 106 ~HKD 896 ~USD 115 (Private bathroom & toilet, Parking, TV, Wifi, Hot Spring)
This wild fox tried to bite me!!! But it is really cute and enjoys stealing people shoes and run away!XD
The hotel price includes this Hot Spring.
Also included a swimming pool but I don't know how to swim!
After the hot spring, we took a shower and walked around the hotel and went to see the natural hot spring.
We found it!!! We crossed many rivers to arrive!
Our hotel was just behind! 
Then we walked back to the hotel and had a nice dinner!
Fish Seafood Soup
Fish from the local river
Lamb steak for my husband
Total cost include one night hotel: ISK 25,164 ~EURO 178 ~HKD 1499 ~USD 193
You should watch my vlog to see the wild fox fight with the big dog! XD
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