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Wednesday 23 December 2015


Day 7 in Iceland, raining and windy day as usual. We had a really nice breakfast in the hotel to start our day! I love the self-made waffle, never seen that in a hotel breakfast, this is also why I think the breakfast was good! XD As I mentioned on Day 6, we changed our plan a bit. We did the whale watching, it was 3 hours and we saw so many whales and many times!! But it was hard to take photos of them! You definitely should watch my vlog to see the whales!! Then, we went to see the waterfall called Godafoss. We didn't stay long there and we went to the other city called Akureyri. We booked the hotel in this city and we had a great time there!
Yummy! Breakfast in SEL-Hotel Myvatn

Selfie with breakfast!

We caught the 10a.m boat trip! **Adults: Euro 59 ~ 7-15 years: Euro 24 ~ Under 7 years: Free**
We were in the boat and were leaving from the habour!
The orange rain coats are provided and there was a speaker to explain things to us!
Selfie with the orange coat!
Selfie with the Iceland flag!
We saw an other boat!
Kiss pose is our traditional pose! XD
We were searching the whales!
Did you see the whale tail?
They were breathing!
Highly recommend to watch it on my vlog!
Each time they went back to the water, they created these big waves/ holes!
We also saw some birds migrating to warmer places!
Going back!
They also provided a hot chocolate and a cinnamon bread! A cup of hot chocolate is perfect after this cold and windy trip!!!
The boat name and you can see people were eating and drinking!!
Arriving to the harbour!! 
This is not the boat we took, ours was a bit bigger!! If you want to be really close to the whales, you can take some even smaller boats, but we felt a bit not safe and dangerous!
Behind me are some restaurant, toilet, cafe and souvenir store!
Some souvenirs!
Selfie with Godafoss
Opposite to our hotel!
Centrum Guesthouse
Hafnarstaeti 102, Akureyri, 600
Euro 90 1 night
Nice hotel included wifi, twin beds, toilet and shower, tv, tea room but parking is not available. We parked on the street and it was free.
I love the lobby style, could be our living room style!!
Nice blue building!
The church in Akureyri!
Nice red building! Love the buildings there!
Some trolls?!
Some of the souvenirs in Akureyri:
We were a bit confused with this building because the inside furnitures style are similar, we were wondering if these are apartments or a hotel!
Hello Kitty in Iceland shopping centre!
I love this furniture store! I wish it in Switzerland also!
Love everything!!! I would like to have this light purple sofa and table in my dressing room one day!
Some cakes but we didn't buy any!
Walked back to city centre!
Main street in this city! Our hotel is just there! So convenient!
Street Sign
RUB 23
Our 1st dinner place!
Rainbow roll: ISK 2790 ~EURO 19.7 ~HKD 165 ~USD 21.3
Scallop/Salmon 2 pcs: ISK 690~EURO 4.9~HKD 40.8~USD 5.3
Total cost: ISK 4170 ~EURO 29.4 ~HKD 246.6 ~USD 31.8
Indian Curry Hut
Our 2nd dinner!
Total cost: ISK 5290 ~EURO 37.3 ~HKD 312.8 ~USD 40.3
Thank you for reading this blog!
If you want to see more, please check out the vlog!

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