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Monday 7 December 2015


Day 6 in Iceland, good weather, no rain but super strong wind instead. We changed a bit our plan which was based on  Guide to Iceland. Normally, we planned two days to visit around Myvatn, but my husband wanted to see the Westfjords, which is a remote place in Iceland, so we had to adjust our plan. So this was a really long day, we went to visit so many different places and we walked a lots, I think that day was the most walking day during the trip. So this blogpost should be quite long because there are many photos I would like to post, I chose these 91 photos out of 398!! It was a really difficult work! XD

We saw these landscapes when we were driving to Namafjall Hverir.

In Namafjall Hverir
We were trying to jump.
Success!! The red jacket man was so curious. XD
Selfie- Casio TR15
Then, we went to visit Krafla. Krafla volcano eruption in 1984.
When you enter, you will see this!
You need to walk about 15 mins.
And you will see this little water pool before seeing the lava.
We arrived! These are lava, not black stones!
We walked more than an hour, not tired but just too windy. I really feel like if I'm thinner, the wind can fly me away!
We brought the camera stand with us, wanted to take couple photos but it was too windy, the camera stand couldn't stay in place.
Is it really on Earth? We felt like we were on another planet.
I look like an astronaut on this photo! XD
There was some smoke coming out from the hole.
We were not the only ones there.
Don't ask me why I need to pose like this, I also don't know! XD
We left Krafla and drove a little bit to arrive at this beautiful blue color lake. We just stopped to take some photos.
We were driving to Skutustadagigar to see the pseudo-craters. And we saw the Myvatn Lake along the way.
We arrived in Skutustadagigar. We chose the bird trail (challenging) to walk.
This is one of the craters.
These are other craters too.
These were the only birds we saw during in the bird trail. Not much birds there, probably the weather was too cold, and the birds already migrated.
We were the only ones to walk this bird trail.
Because of this duck, I had a accident. Watch the vlog, you will know what happened.
We were on the top of the crater.
Sel- Hotel Myvatn
Skutustadir, Skutustadir, 660
One night with breakfast: EURO 127 ~HKD 1071~ USD 138 including Parking, Wifi, Toilet, Shower, Twin beds, etc. The furnitures are wooden dark color which I don't really like. But it is clean and the wifi is good. The breakfast is amazing and a lot of choices(You will see in my Day 7 blog/vlog)!
Hopefully our hotel was just next to the craters, and because of the accident, we could check-in earlier. 
The clock in the hotel lobby.
These shrimp salad sandwiches are super yummy, it was our lunch but also our dinner. Because our busy schedule, we couldn't arrive on time in the restaurant, so we ate the sandwiches again.
Driving to Dimmuborgum.
Here in Dimmuborgir the icelandic Yule Lads live.
This time, we chose the easy path to walk because we walked a lots already.
Normally the Yule Lads live in the cave but we didn't see any of them.
Here also called Black Castle.
We don't understand why there is a hole.
We stopped for adding fuel to continue our journey. And these beautiful views are just opposite the fuel station.
We arrived at the next point- the most powerful waterfall-Dettifoss! We needed to walk about 0.75km to arrive at the waterfall. Along the way, there are many such stones.
We arrived!! The most powerful waterfall. Go to the vlog and see how powerful it is!
We built this in Dettifoss! If you watched my previous vlog, you probably know what it means. It means good luck for the travellers.
We also walked to see Selfoss, it is just around Dettifoss.
Driving to Asbyrgi. This road is really bad and shaky like crazy! But the view is amazing!
Of course we saw some sheep!=)
Maybe when we arrived late, it was 7p.m, there was no one, just us there.
What did he see? We were both a bit scared because there was no one else there. There was some strange noise, also the strange history story, how the lover became a beast. I didn't read all but it is what I understood! XD
After we heard the noise (probably some birds arguing or speaking something). The echo was quite big due to the high wall around.
We drove back to hotel at 07:30p.m.
We saw a horse and a lot of sheep!!! 
Also the beautiful sunset.
Please allow me to post so many sky photos, they are just so beautiful!! I took them when we were driving back! And we took a different way to go back because that crazy shaky road was just too shaky and dangerous in night time.
Thank you so much for finishing to read this blog.
Want to see more, check out the vlog!

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  1. Those photos are all amazing! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time :) Thanks for sharing.

    xo Azu


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