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Wednesday 11 November 2015

Christmas Collection 2015: DIORIFIC MAT 770 FANTASTIQUE

Diorific Mat- 770 FANTASTIQUE
Velvet colour lipstick 
Weightless, Long-wearing
I said no more makeup until next year when I go back to Hong Kong, I lied! Here it is, I got this limited edition lipstick yesterday when we went out to buy my husband's father birthday gift. I just wanted to get something to cheer myself a bit. As I know Christmas is coming soon, there are many limited edition makeup items from different brands. It is hard to control myself not to buy any because they are limited for Christmas 2015. And I saw this lipstick yesterday, honestly I'm attracted by the packaging of this lipstick, I think the shape is a bit strange but I love the gold. I was comparing this with the YSL one (*below pic), and I prefer this color! 
I think Dior will describe it better than me, so I screenshot it for you!
I tried it on, I really feel the formula is different than MAC/Tomford matte lipsticks, this one is more moisturizing, no need to apply any lip balm first. But I don't really feel the velvet texture, for the long-wearing, it hard to say because I chose this deep colour. After using some tissue to remove it, there was still some colour left on my lip, like other lipstick brands. For the price, because I got it in Switzerland, it was really pricy, it costs CHF53. But in France, it costs EURO 39.5. I would like to get one more in a different colour, but I won't unless I can get it in France.
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  1. Great collection with lovely colors.
    My heart&my soul is really in Paris where my son lives.
    Really sad these days.
    And think that some days ago I wrote about terrorism in my post


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